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How to Transition from Riding in Winter to Riding in Spring

March 6, 2019

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The vast majority of us are looking forward to welcoming spring with open arms. Even though this winter hasn’t really had us in its cold grasp too much (let’s not tempt fate, though), the cold, damp days leave us longing for warmer, sunnier ones.

And as a horse owner (or rider), this couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

Spring provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy longer rides with your favourite four-legged friend. So how can you make sure you and your filly are ready for spring? Here are some top tips:

ow can you make sure you and your filly are ready for spring?

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Fill Up Your Calendar

If you’re a competitive rider, you might want to start making a list of the year’s events and those you want to attend. Pop these in your calendar and start organising logistics and training to suit.

Having these important dates highlighted on your calendar is a great way to stay motivated, too!

Book Those Vet Appointments

Don’t miss out on those important spring vet appointments by getting them booked into your diary now. Routine vaccinations, exams and dental care can all be organised now ready for a happy and healthy spring.

Stay on Top of Farrier Work

Hooves are quite a concern throughout winter, regardless of whether you let your horse go barefoot or shoed throughout. So make sure they’re healthy too by maintaining them with your farrier. That way, as we transition into the warmer weather, everything will run smoothly.

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Don’t Stop Riding

Whatever type of athlete you are, you never stop training in the ‘off’ season, and this is the same for your horse. If you can keep riding them throughout these colder months it’ll help keep them in good condition for those upcoming competitions.

Equally, if your horse is having a well-earned break this winter, this doesn’t mean they don’t still need exercise. Get them out and keep them active as daily turn-outs might not be adequate enough.

Buy Your Fly Gear

It’s easy to put these things off when pests aren’t really a top priority at the moment. But before you know it, they could be. Get ahead by buying your fly gear now (or making sure your existing gear is in good condition) and make sure it fits so you’re ready to go as and when you need it.

For this, and other essentials, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for an equestrian clearance so you can save as much money as possible.

Clean Your Tack and Warm-Weather Blankets

To make sure you’ve got that professional edge in your competitions, give your tack a good deep clean. Get it sparkling while you have time and before the busy season really does start to kick off. And while you’re at it, make sure those warm-weather blankets are nice and clean, too, because they’ll soon be a daily requirement.

As a final note, now’s also the perfect time to work on the body condition score of your horse. Speak with your vet to put a plan together and to see whether they need slimming down or fattening up ahead of your competitions.

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