Panasonic Faster Chef Student Challenge

Panasonic challenged three students from the London Met University to cook a healthy and delicious meal using a set of ingredients and a Panasonic microwave.
Each student was given a Panasonic sensor microwave, a set of ingredients and challenged to an easy and nutritious meal. First up was Jamie an english literature and philosophy student, from East London. His recipe challenge is Vegetable Couscous.  I’m always worried about making things with lots of vegetables as at least one of them ends up either over cooked or is still a little raw. This recipe looks really easy to make and all the veg comes out looking great.

Next up we have James a MA student studying screenwriting, from Brixton. His recipe challenge is Chilli Con Carne. A simple four step recipe that takes just 15 mins to prepare then after popping into the microwave you can walk away, carry on with whatever you were doing and just listen out for the bing.


Finally we have Tyanah, a computer games programming student, from Harrow. Her recipe challenge is Salmon with Mango Chilli Salsa. At first glance I thought she had been given the hardest recipe of them all but after watching the video I can see that I was wrong. Who knew you cook salmon in the microwave… amazing.

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