Getting Tigger school activities organised

With Tigger starting pre-school recently I have found the leap between a day nursery environment to a structured school one a refreshing change.  It does however mean that I need to be more organised during the week, making sure that I remember all of Tigger’s activities as well as remembering what Roo is up to too.

Tigger currently attends the pre-school five mornings along with three lunchtimes and afternoon sessions (on the days I am at work).  The school actually recommended that he attended every morning as otherwise attending three full days he would miss out on the activities that they have planned on a Tuesday and Thursday each week.

So whilst I was on my laptop earlier this week a pop window appeared in the bottom of my screen from my HP Photo Creations studio saying about making your own calendars.  ‘Make my own calendar?‘ I pondered to myself, I wonder whether this would help me be a little more organised.

Accessing the HP Photo Creations studio from my desktop (it’s free to download and I would highly recommend it, it give you access to a wide range of ideas for cards, calendars, recipe cards etc.)  The studio itself is easy to navigate and use, so take a look at the image below so see how you access, edit and print your chosen calendar design…

HP Photo Creations - Calendar Printing

I thought that the ‘Reach for the stars’ calendar was quite apt for logging all of Tigger’s pre-school activities.  As I was printing a monthly calendar I didn’t feel the need to have the previous and following months dates showing at the top so I removed them and added a small photo of Tigger at the top so I could see at a glance that it was his calendar.

Tigger Calendar - Jan 2014

Using the HP Envy 4500 printer it is so easy to print your finished projects (whatever did we do before wireless printing?)

Once I had printed my chosen calendar I set about adding the things that he has going on this month, thankfully there isn’t too much but I can envisage it getting a lot more fuller once the birthday party invitations start coming and more pre-school activities commence.

Tigger Calendar - Jan Activities

How do you organise your child’s pre-school/school activities?

Disclosure: I am a HP Blogger, for which I received a HP Envy 4500 Printer FOC for the purpose of review and ongoing challenges.

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