Pink Lining – Robbie the Robot Satchel

Bags, bags and more bags… 

I have a bag for pretty much every occasion, Mr Boo has his man bags in various shades of grey, brown and black, Roo has a lovely selection of all things pink and Tigger… well until now he has just been filling up the changing bag with whatever selection of toys he wishes to play with that day. Now he has the Robbie the Robot Satchel from Pink Lining

Pink Lining - Robbie the Robot Satchel

Buying bags I would like to think comes quite easily to myself, however when it comes to buying bags for boys I’m a little stumped. Do you buy them a bag with whichever character they are currently crazing after? or something plain and simple, sticking to safe colours like blue or green? Pink Lining have come to my rescue by offering a practical but elegant bag that any little boy would be proud to wear.

Please take a look at my little video showcasing the satchel…

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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: Tigger received the Robbie the Robot Picture Satchel from Pink Lining in order to complete this review.

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