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Meet the Funko Wetmore Forest Monsters

December 5, 2019

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Somewhere deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, there is a wooded glen known as Wetmore Forest. Among the great mossy, bearded trees, shrouded in mist, lives a furry band of critters that come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own particular personality. They are called Wetmore Monsters

Meet the Funko Wetmore Monsters

  • PICKLEZ – Picklez has energy to burn and a gift for lightening up a serious mood, this green, long-eared rascal loves nothing more than a little good-hearted mischief. Extremely speedy and smart as a whip.
  • CHESTER – Chester McFreckle loves to solve a problem. Chester has a seemingly bottomless curiosity and a habit of taking things apart and then putting them back together again!
  • TUMBLEBEE – Tumblebee sees the world through the innocent eyes of a child, marvelling at its simple beauty. He is strong and loyal and generous with hugs.
  • BUTTERHORN – Butterhorn is a gentle monster who always sees the best in everyone. Easily excitable, she loves an adventure. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book you can usually find her hanging out with her best friend Snuggletooth.
  • SNUGGLETOOTH – Snuggletooth is a natural leader, brave and determined. Fiercely protective of all those who are close to her, she is true friend… honest, trustworthy and dependable.
  • BUGSY – Being the smallest member of the group, some of the other monsters feel a certain protectiveness toward Bugsy. A keen-eyed explorer and joyful observer, Bugsy is always eager to help out in whatever way he can.

The Wetmore Forest Universe

To welcome us to the Funko Wetmore Forest range we were sent a selection of the new range which is available exclusively at John Lewis.

Funko POP! Vinyl Wetmore Forest Monsters Picklez

Funko POP! vinyl toys have been available for the past few years and have been ever-so-popular. Including ranges from Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter to name but a few. So it is lovely to see that they have expanded the range once again to include the new Wetmore Forest Monsters range. Coming packaged in their trademark POP! packaging, the hardest decision is whether you display them in their numbered boxes or take them out, play with them and stand on a shelf ready for the next role-playing imagination-filled adventure.

If you’re on the more serious side of collecting, you may choose to keep them in-box and in mint condition. Whether you plan to sell, pass them down to family, or cherish them, investing in high-quality protectors will ensure their pristine state. To protect your collection like a pro, check out Vaulted Vinyl, the collector-preferred brand for Funko Pop protectors and displays.

A large brown teddy bear sitting on top of a stuffed toy

Funko POP! Wetmore Forest Monsters Butterhorn Large Plush Soft Toy

Standing (or sitting as the case may be) at 38cm tall this soft plush version of the Funko Wetmore Forest Monster is a cute and snuggly way to add the range into your life. Available in the different Wetmore Monster characters, as well as being available in a smaller size plush toy. They make a great playmate for children as well as something to snuggle up to you read the accompanying stories.

A large brown teddy bear sitting on top of a stuffed toy

Wetmore Forest Snuggletooth and the Big Game Children’s Book

Somewhere deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest is a wooded glen known as Wetmore Forest…

In every monster’s favourite game, a Bracken beetle is used as the ball and Snuggletooth finds one who is a go-getter with a can-do attitude. “You’re going to be right in the middle of the action, which makes YOU a pretty big deal!” Snuggletooth tells the beetle. She explains how Brackenball is played, demonstrates awesome acrobatic shots, and the new friends are excited about joining a match. Game on!

A teddy bear sitting on top of a table
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Where can you buy the Funko Wetmore Forest monsters?

The Funko Wetmore Forest Monsters range is available to buy from John Lewis. With a selection of Funko POP!, books and plushes available.

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