Better Internet At Home: Should You Get a Wi-Fi Extender or a Powerline Adapter?

Better Internet At Home: Should You Get a Wi-Fi Extender or a Powerline Adapter?

April 1, 2021

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If you cannot run an Ethernet cable from your computer to the router, you may feel as if you do not have many options. However, there are two primary options to extend your internet extender. Whether you live in a Wi-Fi dead zone or there are furniture obstructions or spacing issues, you can choose between a Wi-Fi extender and a powerline adapter. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages and may work in your situation and for your technology or setup. It is essential to understand the difference between these two primary devices, and your usage needs to choose appropriately. 

What are the differences between Wi-Fi extenders and powerline adapters?

There are several differences between Wi-Fi extenders and powerline adapters. Both devices are used to obtain a more reliable Internet connection over a long distance. Beginning with a Wi-Fi extender, it is a small hub that can be placed physically between your router and the computer to ensure that you have Internet at a greater distance. A powerline adapter, on the other hand, requires two outlets in your home. The powerline adapters connect wirelessly or are wired to your router. They send the network data through this electric wiring of your home. When you use a powerline adapter, your Internet connection is able to travel further and remove any restrictions.

Better Internet At Home: Should You Get a Wi-Fi Extender or a Powerline Adapter?

Wi-Fi extender

Once you understand what each device is and how it is used, you can understand which is better for your situation. Each performs in the way it should, but what do you need when each device has the same goal. A Wi-Fi extender extends the Wi-Fi signal, as is in the name, but there is a disadvantage. There may be significant degradation during use because the signal is beamed from one place to another – your PC and the device, over and over. It could potentially lead to the latency of your network’s overall speeds. As well, the physical elements of your home, such as furniture, ceilings, and walls, may “get in the way” of your Internet signal. 

Powerline adapters

Powerline adapters simply convert the network data from your router, and it goes directly to your personal computer through the wiring. When it comes to whether the network’s speeds could potentially slow down, there is very little to no possibility of that with powerline adapters. However, the internet speeds you get with a power line adapter depend on your home’s electric wiring. So, if you have a favourable situation at home, it will positively boost your network range and be superior to a Wi-Fi adapter. However, a powerline adapter can never be as reliable as an ethernet cable – a direction between your router and your PC.

When you are not sure about your home or business’ Wi-Fi connection and what could make it better, it is best to see professional help and professional products. Speak to IT professionals, such as those at Ethernet Extenders, to get the extenders, adapters, or powerful ethernet cables that are best for your usage and setup at home or in the office.

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