Organising Roo’s 5th Birthday

October 11, 2011

I had a dilemma this year as what to do for Roo’s upcoming birthday, party or no party??

I think I need to explain, last year I decided (dispute everyone’s better judgement) to hold a birthday party for Roo in her school’s community hall… for her 54 classmates (yes 54 really). Anyway her birthday is the 5th, Tigger was due on the 6th (terrible pregnancy timing) and her party was on the 7th. To my defence Roo was 12 days early so I was convince Tigger would be too but no. I actually went into labour at her party (yes really but thats another story).
(Roo with her family presents last year, the ones from her party took 3 HOURS to open)
So as you can see I was a little unsure whether or not to get sucked into the party planning again, however after speaking to one of her little school friends E’s mum we decided a joint party might be best as E’s birthday is the 9th.
Trying to organise a venue was easy, we have gone for the ‘less stress’ option and have choosen a play centre party. Luckily as I know the owners we have got a good deal, however booking it has been a nightmare…
Wednesday… telephoned to check date and time were available, ‘yes dear, I’ll provisonally book that for you’. So I said I would call back on Friday to confirm (after I had spoken with the other mum).
Friday… ‘sorry but nobody is available today can you come in tomorrow’, OK
Saturday… drive up to the play centre, I’m here to book a party on ‘blah blah’, ‘sorry love that date was book yesterday and they have paid a deposit’, explained I had called earlier in the week etc. ‘Sorry love, all I can do is offer you an earlier time’, explained I would need to speak to the other mum and would call them on Monday.
Monday… telephoned to book earlier time, ‘sorry but the centre is closed 11.00-3.00 on that date’, explained I was told I could have an earlier party. ‘Sorry, i don’t know why its closed, it’s just written in the diary. The manager is in tomorrow’
Today… telephoned again, ‘sorry about the confusion the girls booked the other party without checking with me first but as a gesture of goodwill you can have the earlier slot’. Thankfully all booked now but very stressful
Invites are all written and ready to be taken into school tomorrow, now for the birthday present wish list…

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