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Orchard Toys Magic Maths

May 5, 2017

Whilst my children have always had a homework expectation from their school. It wasn’t until they moved to their current school that it was much more defined. Each week they are expected to complete the following:

  • 4x Reading
  • 4x Maths
  • 1x Challenge from their project book
  • Spellings (Roo)

The reading is easily completed via their reading book, library book or from our bookshelves. The project is split into different challenges so it is just a case of selecting which one to complete that week (although some take more work than others).

It is the maths that causes me the most amount of worry as although they are using maths throughout the day. What constitutes as a good example to include within their homework diary? No examples are sent home as a baseline indicator, so over the months, I have tried a number of different things. From maths workbooks that I have purchased, challenges I have found online and some of the everyday things they do like measuring ingredients etc.

Orchard Toys Magic Maths

A book on a table

When Orchard Toys contacted me regarding the Magic Maths game aimed at Key Stage 1, I jumped at the chance to include this within our homework schedule for Tigger.

Magic Maths is a spellbinding maths game aimed at children aged 5-7 (KS1). Designed in collaboration with teachers and educational professionals. It incorporates a range of addition, subtraction, and multiplication sums.


  • 4x Wizard boards
  • 30x Spell ingredient cards
  • 30x Magic Maths cards
  • Instruction leaflet

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How to play Magic Maths

  1. Each player chooses a wizard board
  2. Spread the Magic Maths card face down on the table with the black star facing upwards
  3. Shuffle the spell ingredients cards and deal out six cards to each player
  4. Starting with the youngest, pick up a magic maths card and solve the sum – without showing the other players. Once you have the answer, check your spell ingredients cards to see if you have the corresponding number. Check the answer by rubbing the black star on the reverse of the magic maths card to see if you are right (top tip – have warm hands)
  5. If you are correct then place the spell ingredient card on your wizard board – play then passes to the next player
  6. If you don not have the correct answer spell ingredient card in front of you, or you answered incorrectly then show the sum to the other players. The other players then see who can find the answer from the spell ingredient cards in front of them. They then must shout ‘Abracadabra‘ before placing the answer on their wizard board
  7. Continue until one player has filled their wizard board

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Educational Benefits of Magic Maths

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Price and Availability

The Magic Maths game is priced at RRP £12.00 and is available to buy directly from Orchard Toys, Amazon, and all other good toy retailers.


Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

With us all being huge Harry Potter fans we did love the magical aspect of the game. The game itself is a relatively simple concept, however, it still provides so much fun hoping that you will pick up a corresponding sum for your answer cards and revealing the answers. It’s great to watch Roo and Tigger play this game after school or a weekend morning – they are having fun but also helping meet their homework requirements too.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Orchard Toys Magic Maths FOC for the purpose of review.

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