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Orchard Toys // Cheeky Monkeys Game

October 15, 2017

Like any parent, I am always on the lookout for ways in which I can encourage my children to learn through play. Orchard Toys games are one of the best resources I have found and we have quite a collection of them in the playroom for the children to enjoy. With a host of educational benefits they tick all the boxes for me, but it is the bold colours and fun elements of them that draws Roo and Tigger to them time and time again.

One of the latest editions to our collection is the Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys game – which my children believe I chose as they are cheeky monkeys (well, yes sometimes they are). 

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game

A close up of a box

A fun game of chance for all the family. There’s no hanging about in this fast-paced game, as players battle to collect and count the most bananas – but watch out for other players trying to steal them! Players must make strategic decisions by choosing whether to play it safe after their first turn or spin the spinner to either collect or risk losing more bananas!

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // Contents

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  • two-part 3D tree
  • 32 monkey cards
  • pool board
  • spinner board
  • two-part plastic spinner arrow
  • instruction leaflet

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // How to play

This is the segment that I have to confess to getting myself in a muddle when reading out the instructions to Roo and Tigger. As well as confessing the shame at a six-year-old understanding the rules better than myself (a somewhat grown adult). I couldn’t get my head around how you were able to keep spinning to gain more monkeys – then as Tigger ‘kindly’ pointed out that is a game of risk, do you hang up the monkeys you have or risk another spin and end up with them in the pool?

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  1. Set up the 3D tree and place all the monkey pieces face down
  2. Starting with the youngest spin the spinner to see whether you:
    • Turn over a monkey card, then decide whether to spin again or hook your monkey on the tree
    • Take one monkey from another player and hook it on the tree along with any others you have collected during your turn
    • Place all monkeys collected during your turn onto the pool board
    • Collect all the monkeys from the pool board and hook them on the tree along with any others you have collected during your turn
  3. Once there are no more monkeys available to collect, each place counts up how many bananas their monkeys are holding on their tree
  4. The winner is the player with the most bananas!

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // Educational benefits

  • Develops Hand Eye Coordination
  • Develops Number and Counting Skills
  • Encourages Observational Skills
  • Develops Personal and Social Skills

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // Additional Activities

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the game is finished and tidied away. Orchard Toys have developed some coordinating activities to work alongside the game and allow the educational benefits to continue.

Choose from: (simply click on the activity required and print the pdf sheet)

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // Video

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game // Where Can I Buy?

The Cheeky Monkeys game is priced at £9.50 and available directly from Orchard Toys as well as all other good toy retailers.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys FOC for the purpose of review

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