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October Half Term {2015}

November 3, 2015

The October half term holidays crept up on me this year and before I knew it the children were enjoying a couple of inset days ahead of the usual week off.

With myself suffering with a water infection some of our plans for the week had to be cancelled which gave me a huge pang of mummy guilt. The children weren’t aware of the activities so they don’t know that they have missed out but all the same I feel bad we haven’t managed to enjoy the things I wanted to.

We kicked off half term with some family time, the children spent the day at their aunt’s house before coming home with their cousins to enjoy a sleepover. They were so good, although I hardly saw the girls as they were busy upstairs in Roo’s bedroom for most of the time. The boys played downstairs and kept changing their minds every five minutes as to what they wanted to do.


We managed to catch up on things at home with a plan to go and get Tigger’s flu vaccination in the afternoon however I ended up playing nurse maid as Tigger’s temperature was at 38.8C and he fell asleep on the sofa just before we needed to leave.


We popped over to catch up with one of my work colleagues and her little boy. So lovely to be able to sit and chat whilst the children played. Afterwards I took Roo and Tigger to the SEALIFE Centre to take part in their Halloween activities. As we were there at lunchtime I decided to grab lunch there (I do love their buy on adults meal and get a kid’s meal free).



A day at home as I’d arranged to have several deliveries of Piglet’s baby essentials to arrive so we spent the day opening the door to various delivery drivers and trying to guess what item they had brought. Then looking at all the boxes in the living room and trying to work out where we were going to put it all – on an exciting note my Silver Cross Wayfarer pram arrived (cannot tell you how excited I am!).


I had a check up with the midwife booked for the morning followed by the task of completing the weekly shop (oh the joys). In the afternoon I had planned to take Roo into Norwich to enjoy a girlie afternoon of shopping, pizza and maybe a film however as Mr Boo was off as well we decided to head out for some lunch taking advantage of a local buy one, get one free offer.


An air of tiredness and meh filled the house, so we didn’t really do very much at all. We popped out briefly in order for me to have some bloods taken ready for when I see the consultant next week and whilst we were their the nurse gave Tigger is missed flu vaccination – he was so brave, didn’t cry or anything (love that boy). The rest of the day was spent watching Netflix, a lazy day all round.


With some extra special people arriving back from Spain today what better way to celebrate Magic Nanny and Grandad’s arrival than a Halloween party!

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With games, food, family and fireworks the children had a wonderful evening and I’m quite surprised that they made it home without falling asleep in the car.


A quiet day at home after a late night at the Halloween party we were all tired, with Roo getting up at 7.30am (which is some sort of miracle) and Tigger finally deciding to join the rest of the family at 9.40am!

What did you get up to this October half term?


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