Thank goodness for the NHS

March 25, 2012

We all moan about our NHS, myself included and I work for them! However I don’t think we always appreciate how lucky we really are.

I was reading on another blog the other week about how in Ireland is costs so much money to attend the doctors and then get a prescription filled that she really had to think about whether or not it was a necessity to see a doctor (I’m really sorry I can’t remember the name but if this sounds like your post please let me know and I’ll edit).

I’m sure that I am not alone in thinking that if our children (and sometimes ourselves, although this is rare) are ill I wouldn’t hesitate in ringing the doctors to book an appointment. Maybe we have all become to reliant on the NHS and see it as our right to see a doctor and get medications whenever we feel we need to.

Should we think twice before picking up the phone and booking that appointment?
Have we spoken with the Pharmacist in the chemist to see if there is any over the counter medications we could try first?

This being said I know that the NHS is not perfect, I too have had my fair share of medical nightmares. However I do still believe that having a NHS is good for our country and I wouldn’t like to see us all having to have private healthcare insurance like you do in so many other countries.

I do believe that the NHS bracket should include eye tests for all and dental check ups including emergency dental treatment.

How do you feel about our NHS?
Do feel we are lucky or inflicted?


Boo xxx

  • pinkoddy April 1, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    We are very lucky to have a NHS. I have friends who had moved to Spain and ended up coming home as the guy hurt his back and there were only so many operations they could afford.

    I’m cautious about just ringing up for appointments but that’s more because I worry we will become immune to the drugs. My mom was a pharmists assistant.

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