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Cass is a working mum of two who blogs at The Diary of a Frugal Family and Meal Planning Made Easy. She is trying to live a more frugal life with her children although isn’t always as successful at this as she’d like to be. Lover of wine, cupcakes and unicorns!

Frugal Family

What is your favourite Christmas song?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Johnny Mathis

Why is this your favourite Christmas song?

I love this song and always sing it to the kids at the start of December when people are just starting to get their trees up. It makes me feel happy because the run up to Christmas is my favourite time of year and this is the song that I associate with the start of that time.

Just listen to the words – it really does sum up this time of year for me.

I love to listen to this one as we are putting up the Christmas decorations, really makes you feel Christmassy – Thank you for sharing your favourite Christmas song Cass.


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