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Christmas Around The World

December 1, 2016

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, we all have our own ideas on how it is best celebrated. As a family, we have our own traditions, from when the Christmas tree should be put up. To visiting Father Christmas and what we should leave out for him and the reindeer’s to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

With family and friends living around the world we have become aware of all the different traditions that other countries have. The children have been learning about these traditions at school recently and it’s really interesting to see how we each celebrate in our own way.

For example, in Iceland, they start their celebrations at 6pm on Christmas Eve, which is thought to come from an old Icelandic tradition when a new day started at 6.00pm, not midnight. Icelandic children open their presents after the evening meal on Aðfangadagur.

Whilst in Romania children go out carol singing from house to house on Christmas Eve performing to the adults in the houses. They normally dance as well as sing for the adults. With the children receiving sweets, fruit, traditional cakes called ‘cozonaci’ and sometimes money for singing well. Adults go carol singing on Christmas Day evening and night.

Take a look at this amazing infographic from Bright Horizons Nursery in London, who have gathered a selection of Christmas facts from around the world. Personally, I’m moving to Canada just so I can send a letter to Santa and get a reply…

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