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Mum vs daughter in the battle of the school uniform

August 28, 2014

I think it was only when I got to high school that I started to detest wearing my school uniform every day for school. Pulling on the same boring skirt, shirt and jumper was monotonous, however I did mange to find my own ways of adjusting it to make it look better. A simple roll or two of the skirt made it a much more appealing length, untucking my shirt and tying my jumper around my waist gave me that air of rebellion against my uniform… well until I got caught by an overbearing teacher and was invited to spend an hours after school in detention writing lines about how school uniform is important.

After leaving school and starting work I was pleased to leave my uniform days behind me, that was until I worked in an office and had to make the decision every morning on what I should wear today. There are only so many outfits you can own before you have to start repeating them, not wanting to wear that dress as you wore it last week etc. When I transferred to my Community Hospital ward I was pleased that it came with a uniform… can you believe it, all those years of hating my uniform and I was suddenly pleased to get my hands on one again. No more morning decisions and no more buying new work clothes just for the sake of it (Mr Boo is pleased about this).

It’s back to school for Roo in less than a week and after a summer of being able to wear whatever she wants she isn’t looking forward to slipping back on her school uniform. So I decided to have a little fun and challenged Roo to a battle of the school uniform, arming her with the Debenhams kids clothing page on my Chromebook I let her decide what she would much rather wear to school than the back to school uniform choice that is actually facing her.

Mum’s choice


Whilst I appreciate that my choice isn’t exciting, but even the colour choice provided by her junior school I was kind of limited. I do think that there are some fun choices in there, the flared skirt, diamond patterned tights and a cute coat.

Roo’s choice


I have to hand it Roo her school uniform choice is much better than the boring colours that the school dictates. I have fallen in love with the dress and duffle coat she has selected, maybe I have a stylist in my midst? and who wouldn’t want to wear pink sparkly shoes everyday?

What would you little one prefer to wear to school? I think Tigger might prefer to go dressed as Buzz Lightyear everyday

Disclosure: The Debenhams Back to School Competition on www.brummymummyof2.co.uk

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