5 Reasons Why You Should Give Private Tuition A Chance

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Private Tuition A Chance

June 11, 2021

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A few years ago private tuition was just a rare luxury few could afford. These days, however, it seems that most children currently have or have had a tutor at some point during their education. If you’re clueless about the benefits of private tuition (or are a little suspicious about tuition in general), we’ve put together a few reasons why it’s worth giving private tuition a chance.

Five reasons why you should consider private tuition

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Private Tuition A Chance


Unlike most afterschool activities, private tuition is totally flexible. If certain days only work on certain weeks, you can simply book lessons that match up to your schedule. After your first lesson with a tutor, you’ll be able to plan ahead and work out how many lessons your child will need to effortlessly achieve their goals

This flexibility means you have the chance to re-shuffle your lessons if certain days aren’t working. Most tuition agencies provide an inbuilt messaging platform where you can chat with your tutor to easily arrange lesson times and bulk-book sessions. This is extremely useful if your child has an exam coming up and you’re looking to squeeze some last-minute lessons in before their big day.

1:1 personalised learning

Contrary to our public school system, our brains were not made for the traditional set-up of 1 teacher to 30 students. As humans, we learn best when taught in a personalised manner, something which sadly is rarely achievable in the modern-day classroom. 

With a private tutor, your child will receive tailored lesson plans, responsive teaching and constructive feedback. This helps them improve their grades and reach their full academic potential. Personalised learning allows children to learn at their own pace, go over the content that would typically be skimmed over in the classroom, and provide them with a supportive space to voice their struggles and opinions. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Private Tuition A Chance

Confidence boosting

This brings us nicely into our next benefit. Many children struggle with confidence in the classroom. Whether it’s fear of saying the wrong thing or lacking the knowledge they need to speak up, learning with a private tutor can help! Released from the pressures of the classroom, students have the chance to ask as many questions as they need. Tuition sessions provide students with a space to voice their opinions with the full attention of a dedicated teacher.

With as little as 1 lesson a week, students can gain the extra boost of confidence they need to better their performance at school. On top of that, tuition can be hugely beneficial for students who need to work on their independent thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Online learning

Since the pandemic, online learning has become a necessity. Even though things are slowly getting back to normal, there’s no reason why you should pay extra money to travel for your tuition sessions. With online lessons, your child can learn from the comfort of their own home from as little as £20/per hour! Sites like Tutor House provide free online interactive whiteboards for their online tuition sessions. 

In addition to spending money on travel, online tuition allows you to connect with some of the best teachers across the country. Whether you live in the middle of nowhere or in the centre of London, online tuition opens up your options to some of the best teachers in the world.

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Private Tuition A Chance

Drastic grade improvements

For most people, the promise of grade improvements is the main driving force behind booking a private tutor. Whilst you may think it’s just something that private tuition companies exaggerate to boost sales, studies have shown time and time again that tuition really does work. 

Students who work with a private tutor — even for a matter of weeks — see grade improvements. For those that work with a tutor over an extended period of time, grades can go from C’s to A’s! 

If you or someone you know needs to achieve a top grade to gain entry into a specific course, school or university, working with a tutor is the best way to secure the results you need. So to find your perfect private tutor, be sure to check Tutor House and get a free trial lesson with the tutor of your choice — whatever your subject!

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