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More work completed!

February 25, 2015

Have you ever been told an off the cuff comment about yourself that has made you step back and think about just what that person meant when they said it?

Earlier this week I was having a conversation at work when the subject of a possible office relocation was brought up. Basically one of my line managers would like me to move into an office of my own so that my desk would provide more space in the main office for when the various multi-disciplinary teams are there. An idea in principle I can understand however I have always sat in the main office and it makes it easier for tasks to be handed over for me to complete.

My other line manager on the other hand isn’t keen on the idea and had a conversation with our new matron about the idea who also didn’t like it either. When she asked about why the other manager had suggested it she was told it was so I could get more work completed…

More work completed!

The matron questioned as to whether there was an issue with the work that I was completing and my manager said that she had no issues and was more than happy with the tasks that I complete.

Whilst I love that one of my line managers stood up for me and the work that I do, I am now sat with the thought that my other line manager is not happy with my work.

What does she mean I could get more work completed?

Why would she have cause to think that I don’t do enough?

Are their other staff members who also feel I don’t do enough?

If I’m honest I thought I quite good at my job, I know my role inside and out but now I’m left feeling like I am not doing my best, that I should be doing more and that I need to re-assess just how much I manage to complete each day.

  • Mummy Matters March 1, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Oh no I hate it when people make comments like that, it really unsettles you and makes you question yourself but I’m sure that you are a very conscientious person Sarah and I’m sure that if the Manager had any real worries with your work then they would speak to you about it further. I hope you have a better week this week xx

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