#LittleLoves - November

Nana Malone Books, Pyjamas and Birthdays #LittleLoves

November 27, 2020

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It’s funny how when the New Year bells chime that the prospect of a whole year ahead feels daunting. Yet as we get to the latter part of the year it feels as though the year has passed us by all too quickly. This year has been unlike anything we have experienced before, yet one, for the most part, we are stronger for. Whilst I wouldn’t wish the virus on anyone, the prolonged time together in lockdown as a family this year has been much needed.

As busy as November has been there have been lots of chances for celebrating life’s #littleloves.

This month’s #LittleLoves…

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I started the month thinking that I’d get into the Christmas spirit early by working my way through my Christmas reading list. However, between the children’s birthdays, I’ve not been ready to embrace the snow, decorations and festive flings. Instead, I have discovered Nana Malone books and have fallen in love with the Royals Undercover series of books.


The second series of Unsolved Mysteries has been a nice way to sit and chill with What The Dad Said when he gets home following a late shift. The Crown season 4 being something that I have been binge-watching whilst he has been at work. Needing to re-watch season 3 to refresh my memory of what has happened so far.


What The Dad Said has been asking Alexa to tell the children how many days until Christmas every day. A big kid himself he is looking forward to the festivities as much as the children. With all three of the children’s birthday’s this month I have heard my fair share of Happy Birthday too. Making use of our Echo Dot to help us sing to the children.


It is even your birthday if you don’t get new pyjamas? It’s the one gift that the children always know that I will buy for them. Whilst they might groan when they feel the soft and squidgy gift. I do think that they secretly love seeing what design they have received.


I’ve been busy making way for birthdays and Christmas this month. Sorting through the clutter, ensuring old boxes are recycled, clothes and toys are donated etc. As well as getting organised for Christmas gift wrapping and storage.


A very happy birthday to Roo, Tigger and Piglet this month. All three birthdays in lockdown but still special in their own way.

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