4 Things Moms Can Do to Make Some Extra Money

4 Things Moms Can Do to Make Some Extra Money

June 10, 2021

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If you’re a mom, you doubtless understand that it’s a full-time job. Whether you’ve got one child or more than one, raising them as best you can while keeping them safe is sure to take up much of your time. 

Even once they’re eighteen and out of the house, they will never be entirely out of your life. Becoming a parent completely changes your identity and priorities.

If you gave up a career to raise your kids, you might be fine with that. If you’ve got a partner or spouse helping you out, they may also be okay with you primarily rearing the child or children. However, you may still want a part-time job if you’re able to manage it.

You might want that part-time job because you would feel bored without it. It could also be that the family needs an additional revenue stream. Either way, there are plenty of things moms can do to bring in some extra money, so let’s talk about four of them.

You Can Drive for Lyft or Uber

Working for Uber or Lyft is something that nearly any licensed driver can do. If you have a clean driving record, your car isn’t too old, and you have a little bit of free time to work with, you can start with virtually no prior experience.

This is a nice option for moms because you can do it just one or two days per week if you like. Maybe you can put the kids in daycare for those days, or you can get a neighbor or relative to watch your kids for a couple of hours.

Remember, though, you are probably only going to like this job and do well with it if you enjoy driving and you’re good at it. If you’re not a confident driver, this is probably not for you. 

The last thing you’ll want is to crash your vehicle with a passenger in the backseat. If you do, you might find a rideshare accident lawyer contacting you, and these cases can get messy fast.

make extra money - You Can Drive for Lyft or Uber

You Can Sell Items on eBay

Some moms also make extra money by flipping items on eBay. For instance, maybe you know about antiques. You can go to flea markets and antique malls and hunt for bargains.

Often, you can find low-priced items at Goodwill or similar stores. The stores might not know how much some of these clothing or secondhand items are worth. For instance, you might find some vintage, mid-century cookware that a collector will prize very highly.

You can set up a shop on eBay and showcase your items there. You can often make this a very lucrative pastime. It becomes both a hobby with the finding and purchasing of undervalued goods and an income source when you flip them and make back several times what you paid.

You Can Make Crafts and Sell Them on Etsy

Maybe you don’t know much about antiques, but you have some crafting skills. Perhaps you’re good with glass blowing, woodcarving, sewing, or something else.

Moms who have some of these skills might spend their time making quilts for family members. You can often put these talents to use, though, by setting up a shop on Etsy and either selling what you make or taking and filling custom orders.

This fulfils a creative need that some moms have, and again, you have money coming in, which helps the family. You might do it just a bit to pass the time, or else you can get more into it, especially when the kids are older and they’re spending more time in school during the days.

make extra money - You Can Babysit

You Can Babysit

You might also babysit for some of your neighbours or friends. If you are at home anyway, caring for your own kids, it’s not difficult at all to take on one or two more young ones during the days.

It’s not something you’ll probably want to do every day, but you might do it one or two days each week. You don’t have to work for a babysitting company to do this. As long as your neighbours or friends know and trust you, they should be happy leaving their kids with you and paying you for the time.

Plus, this way, your kids have some playmates with whom they can spend time. If the kids you’re babysitting are about the same age as your little ones, that’s an ideal situation for everyone involved.

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