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Easy Side-hustles For Stay-at-home Mums

March 21, 2018

One thing the parents of small children know all too well is that it’s hard to spend more than five minutes doing anything for yourself when the kids are about. True, they sleep every now and then, then there might be a morning or an afternoon at nursery, but it’s hard to predict when you’ll get a decent stretch of time to yourself. This can make pursuing hobbies – paying and otherwise – difficult, so here are some great ideas for how to make money as a stay-at-home mum that doesn’t involve forking out nursery fees or staying up beyond 8.00pm.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

You can buy and sell domain names

We’ve all heard about the domain names that were snapped up for a couple of quid then sold on for hundreds of thousands a year later. Chances are you won’t strike it that lucky (although it’s always possible) but you can pick up a few likely prospects every now and then, register them with a cheap host and then sell them when the trend you were waiting for gathers pace.

You can also buy coins

This takes a bit of know-how and a visit to a site like Golden Eagle Coins before you get anywhere, but trading gold and silver bullion or collectable coins is a good way to make short-term profits and, more importantly, long-term investments. You do need to do your homework, but at least that’ll keep the old grey matter ticking over.

Sell your photos online

If you’re pretty good with the camera you could upload your best photos to stock image websites and see what happens. You won’t retire on the proceeds, but if you make a few pounds extra each month for something like you like to do anyway, then everyone’s a winner.

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Test websites for money

This is probably best left until nap-time, but you can easily make £10 for 20-30 minutes’ work if you sign up for a website testing portal. Obviously, this isn’t regular work, but when you get an assignment, it’s easy and there are no right or wrong answers.

You can become a crowdsource worker

If you only get short spells of time free each day then this might be ideal for you. You register with a mini-task site and then pick out tasks that suit you and your schedule. A lot of these sites involve boring and repetitive jobs like form-filling, but the rewards all mount up.

Sign up to cashback schemes

Chances are that you do a lot of shopping, both online and actually out and about in the real-live shops (occasionally). You can’t avoid spending money but you can make sure you get a small amount back from every transaction by joining a few cashback schemes. Your bank may offer one and most credit card providers have permanent cashback offers. Additionally, you can register with one or two reward cards, especially ones from stores where you make a lot of child-related purchases. If you keep an eye out for enhanced points rewards and events then you can have a nice redeemable balance by Christmas.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a table

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