7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

August 4, 2020

Collaboration with M. Johnson

What can you gift teenage girls to show that you appreciate them and realise they are leaving the world of toys for adulthood?

From whims to the pressure of new trends, nothing seems tougher than making the perfect gift choice for a teenage girl. A lot of teen girls are picky, and one of their top priorities is self-expression. Here, we give you an idea of what would impress them. Note that they tend to be more focused on new experiences and personalisation while also enjoying a sense of freedom. 

Fabulous gift suggestions for teenage girls

A Cute Bag

There is a good chance that the teen girl you plan on surprising wants more than just a backpack that will fit her books. Give your options an extra touch by choosing a cute bag that she can use for going out with her friends. For a unique and in-style piece, browse trendy shops online like the new woman’s collection on Mirta, an all Italian store that sells gorgeous handmade pieces. She will thank you for making it easy for her to carry her accessories everywhere she goes in a polished and detailed bag. 


Teens use headphones for many reasons including studying, listening to their favourite music and zoning out the world. Any girl will truly appreciate this gift. Look for a swanky pair of headphones, maybe something fun with rhinestones or a new design. You could also go with earbuds, a very appreciated and sought-after option these days.

7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls - Headphones

New Phone Case

If your teen does not have a protective case or you notice it is becoming a bit worn, get them one as a gift. Even if they already have a nice one, they will appreciate something new, like a custom-made one with their name on it or a cute design of something that they like. Go for slim-fitting cases because they tend to be trendier and offer excellent protection against scratches and drops.

Swell Bottle

Your teen girl doesn’t want to be seen around carrying a plastic water bottle, new generations are especially careful about the environment and plastic has been outdated for a while. Get them a swell bottle in a colour they adore. There is a huge choice of beautiful shades, including chrome finishes, matte and neon hues. This bottle comes with double-walled insulation and keeps drinks hot or cold all day.


Teen girls love their sunglasses, I mean who doesn’t? A new pair of sheds would be a perfect gift idea for them. Most sunglasses today are trendy and fashionable, and she will no doubt look the part. Whether they are for vacationing or walking around town, they will wear them forever.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets for a teenage girl are hands down among the best gifts you can offer and it will be an unforgettable and highly appreciated idea. Buy them a ticket to get the experience of their favourite band. For a local entertainment show or one in a different city, this will certainly create a bond between the two of you.

7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls - Instax Mini

Instax Mini

Is your teen tech-obsessed? If so, worry no more because techie gadgets such as Instax Mini got you covered. This will be the perfect Christmas, birthday or holiday gift. Teens tend to have a different perspective of the world, and capturing events as they happen is often a favourite pastime, not to mention they love sticking all of the Polaroids to their bedroom wall.

Whether it’s for her birthday or any special event, teen girls can be notoriously tricky to have on a shopping list. In your lineup of the perfect gift for your teenage daughter, sister or friend, these are some of the hottest ideas to consider. 

Are there any other tips you can add to this list? If so, feel free to do so in the comment section.

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