Making the most of the summer evenings #Summerdaysout

July 7, 2015

At long last the warmer weather is here (apart from the occasional thunderstorm) which means that we are treated to some wonderful summer evenings. A mixture of longer lighter evenings, the warm weather with just a gentle sea breeze and the countdown to the school holidays has made us make the most of the summer evenings. Instead of either rushing home after the school run or hibernating indoors after tea we are heading outdoors. Embracing the fun of the park, a walk along the sand dunes or just kicking the ball around the yarden.

Whilst we are out enjoying the weather the sea breeze seems to make the children hungry so we end up stopping for snacks. Alongside the selection of fruit that I have in my bag (is it just me that always seems to have a rogue raisin or two rolling around the bottom?) I have added a new addition in the form of Petits Filous pouches.

A cake made to look like a car

Both Roo and Tigger love their fromage frais and can easily have one or two a day however when we are out and about carrying a traditional yoghurt carton and spoons aren’t practical. The new Petit Filous pouches however are easy to pop in my bag and get out whenever the kids start moaning ‘we’re starving!’. A simple twist of the lid and they are ready to be eaten, and as they can be resealed it means they can eat as little or as much as they want.

The best thing about the kids enjoying the summer evenings means that they are too busy to notice me tucking into one of their raspberry Petits Filous (ssh don’t tell them!).

Are you making the most of the summer evenings?

  • Wendy July 20, 2015 at 11:56 am

    My two love Petit Filous, but we’ve never seen these pouches before – they sound like a great idea and a non messy way of carrying them about!
    Will have to keep a look out in the shops for them…

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