FEATURED POST: Tips for decorating your children’s bedrooms

September 3, 2013

Creating a haven of peace, tranquility and calm in your bedroom is a great way to make it into a restful zone that induces good night’s sleep. Simple things like choosing colours that make you feel calm and decorating in a way that pleases you can make it your favourite room in the house. And your kid’s bedrooms are no different.

Some kids can cause problems at bed time – well, let’s say most kids at one time or another – and a great way to make them feel happier to go to bed is to turn their room into the best kid’s bedroom it can be.

It actually doesn’t have to break the bank either, with some creative shopping, creative decorating and judicious use of toys and accessories you can turn your child’s room into the bedroom of their dreams.

Firstly, decide on a theme. This will obviously depend on your child and what they’re into. Involving them in the decisions is a great idea and can turn a chore into a real bonding exercise. Work out how long you’ll be happy to keep whatever design you end up with and try and gauge when your youngster is likely to grow out of it – you don’t want to be causing problems later on!

Traditional themes like space, princesses, cars and football can work really well. Although these may seem a little cliched, there is a reason they’re popular with children and they can help your child begin to express his or her personality in a creative way.

When you have your theme, consider the furniture that’s already present. Can you do anything with it to make it fit in better? For example, you could sand down wooden furniture and paint in a different colour. If you feel you need to buy new furniture, take your time in choosing and make sure you shop around. There are lots of options online with creative and beautiful furniture at prices that are definitely manageable for most people.

A key piece of furniture that can really change the whole focus of a room is the bed. While you may worry about the cost, if you consider the cost per use and the importance of having a high quality bed for your child, you may want to redirect most of your budget here and rely on painting the rest of the room in a creative way. There are a range of beds from bedstar, for example, that could transform your child’s room, from cabin beds with clever storage to the most fantastic novelty beds in the shape of cars, fire engines and princess carriages, you’re sure to find something perfect.

Silent-Dreams Planet 3FT Single Ottoman Divan Bed

When you have your furniture safely ordered, it’s time to paint and wallpaper. Changing the curtains and investing in some rugs can be a great way to lift a room and really change its appearance without forking out loads of cash.

If you’re in any way creative, painting a themed mural on a wall is a lovely and personal touch that can add something to your child’s room that they will love for years to come.

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