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How to Find the Best Roof Repair Service Around

July 24, 2020

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The demand for roofing contractors continues to rise and more new homes are built each year for a growing population. Roof repair service is also in high demand, as damage due to extreme weather or old age takes its toll on roofs in need of a modern update. 

If you’re in the market for a roof repair service, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. So where do you start and who can you trust to repair your roof?

Narrowing down your search can be as simple as knowing what to look for so we’ve got 7 things for you to look for in a roofing company before you hire someone to do the job: 

1. Start Your Search Locally

As you begin your search for the best roof repair service, narrow it down to local companies only. When you go with someone local, you can be certain that they’ve established their business within the community and care about their reputation in the area. 

Sometimes, a customer will discover a problem with their roof’s warranty, but when they seek out the contractor for assistance, they find that the company has up and moved without warning. 

It’s easy for a roof repair service to present some paperwork to show that they’re capable, but a solid reputation cannot be faked. 

2. The Roof Repair Service Should Be Fully Insured

Be careful about hiring a roof repair service before checking to make sure they’re insured with both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. 

Don’t hesitate to ask a company for proof of insurance. Follow up by calling the insurance provider to make sure the insurance is current and valid. 

Taking this extra step will protect you and your investment. By taking a few moments to check if a company is insured can save you a lot of time and headache down the line. 

How to Find the Best Roof Repair Service Around - A large brick building

3. Don’t Decide Based on Price Alone

You may be tempted to choose a company based on their price alone, but keep in mind that price isn’t everything. There will always be roofers looking for side jobs, working out of their pick-up truck, who can charge cheaper. But as is often the case, you get what you pay for. 

Customers who are sold on cheap prices often end up spending much more money in the long run to fix problems that arise due to cheap work. Many of these problems are could be avoided by opting for a reputable roofing company that might charge a bit more for their workmanship. 

4. Seek Out Reviews

To narrow down your search for a reliable roof repair service, seek out local reviews from others who have had experience with the companies you’re considering. You can turn to coworkers, neighbours, family members, and friends to see if they have any recommendations. 

You can also do a quick search online for reviews both good and bad from customers to get a balanced opinion. Look for reviews on unbiased review apps and websites instead of the company website which tends to be skewed in favour of the company. 

5. Steer Clear of Storm Chasers

Be careful when it comes to “storm chaser” roofers. These are the ones who might come door to door selling or canvassing stating that they noticed your roof has storm damage that they’d be happy to repair. 

Don’t be pressured in the moment to agree to anything with these often forceful tactics. You can always take down their information and do a bit of research before making a decision. 

6. Check Out Their Warranty

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to companies that offer these roofing services, you want to make sure that the company in question can stand by their work. Many companies look great on paper, but that won’t do you much good if your roof falls through in a few years. This is where the warranty comes into play. 

Most roofing companies offer warranties on their work. This is a separate warranty from the manufacturer’s warranty for the materials used, so pay attention to what the company’s warranty covers. 

A 5-year warranty is pretty standard. You probably want to avoid hiring anyone who can’t provide a warranty for their work because you’d be left high and dry if your roof doesn’t hold up. 

7. Does the Company Offer More Than One Roofing Material?

Steer clear of any roofing company that tries to force you into buying only one roofing material. While it’s true that many companies specialize in one type of roofing, the best ones will still offer options. You should expect to get your choice of materials and colors. 

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient material, for example, a reliable company will offer you a range of options based on your needs. 

Keep in mind that the quality and appearance of your roof will have a big effect on the resale value of your home. You want to make sure you’re choosing roofing material that’s suitable for the long run. 

How to Find the Best Roof Repair Service Around

Choose the Best Roofing Company for Your Needs

Using these tips can help you feel more confident in picking a roof repair service that you can trust. Having a sturdy, safe roof over your family’s heads is important, especially if you live in an area that is prone to storms and the damage they can cause. 

Now that you’ve discovered these tips for finding roof repair, make sure to check out some of the other useful posts we have about home maintenance.

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