A kitchen with a sink and a window

Lightening up my home

November 5, 2015

Living on the East Coast has its benefits, we are but five minutes walk from the beach and our home faces east which allows us the luxury of having the morning sunshine streaming through the living room window and really brightening up our day.

The dining room and kitchen aren’t so lucky on the light front with the dining room window located in the corner of the room it makes it quite dark in there and we often have to switch the light on during the day in order to see our food. The kitchen to be fair is much better as along it has a large window it faces one of the garden walls so again doesn’t let in much light.

Lightening up my home

Ever since we moved into this house we have talked about how we would lighten up the rear of the property, we considered adding slimline patio doors onto the dining room where the current window is now but we weren’t convinced that it would lighten up the space all that much as the kitchen extension and high garden walls would still block most of the light. After watching several home makeover shows we have gathered ideas of how we could possibly lighten up the space.

Extending the kitchen into the side return and linking it to the dining room would allow us to open up the spaces and make it a great kitchen/dining space for the whole family. Having looked at different ways of doing this it seems that the light that comes from orangeries is the best solution of us, this will not only solve our issue with getting more light into the dining/kitchen areas but give us more space to enjoy as a family too. There’s a nice looking company that’s pretty local to us called Living Space. The great thing about Living Space is that they will come and do a consultation with us at home, and create a computer generated bespoke design, so that we can build something that fits exactly with our family’s needs. I like the idea of creating something personal, rather than just buying off the shelf.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

If we had the additional funds to truly transform our home we would take down the existing bathroom extension that is on the back of our house and relocate this upstairs. This would enable us to add bifold doors along the back of the house making the space bright and light as well as allowing to make full use of our outside space.

Which would be perfect for the children during the day being able to run in and out as they pleased. It’s not all just about the children, Mr Boo and I can enjoy watching the setting sun on an evening gazing out of the full-length doors or enjoy an evening or to with friends eating al fresco on the decking whilst being within earshot of the children.

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