Can You Landscape Your Own Garden?

Can You Landscape Your Own Garden?

September 10, 2023

Carrying out your own home renovations can be a great hobby. Not only do you learn new things and apply new strengths, but you also make your home better in the process!

Having said that, there’s always a moment during a renovation project when you look out of the window and think: I’d rather not touch that…

Yep, the garden is often an area where even the most experienced home renovators are scared to tread. That’s mostly because, when you’re gardening, you’re not left with the usual tools that you would utilise in the house. Suddenly you’re replacing your hammer with a trowel, your mortar with a wooden fence. It all feels so alien, to the point where terms like bolting, chitting, mulch and germination seem like they were made up on Mars.

But if we can put our two cents in, we would suggest that anyone can landscape their own garden. All you need is a bit of grit and determination. And a trowel, of course. 

With this in mind, here are the seven things you need to think about – and do – if you want to carry on your renovation project into the great outdoors:

Landscaping your garden: 7 things you need to think about

Can You Landscape Your Own Garden?
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Assess Your Site

Okay, first things first, you need to look at your garden. Sounds simple, right? That’s not too difficult! Yes, just look, and then think of all the things you would like to do with it, and then start to sweat a little, and then full-on panic. Anyone can do it! In all seriousness, though, this is the moment where you take everything in and think about what needs clearing, what trees need to go, what planting can stay, and so on. 

Consider Your Site

Huh? What’s the difference between assessing and considering? Well, there’s quite a lot of difference in our opinion. When you’re considering your site, you’re thinking about the full picture and how it will all fit. Start to put plans in now, especially when it comes to the shape of the space, how it will react to a downpour, and what the state of your topsoil is. The ground condition needs to be taken into account, too. You might have great plans for this space, but will they fit with the status of your lawn?

Can You Landscape Your Own Garden?
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Contemplate Sections

When you’re considering your site, try to divide it into sections and imagine invisible borders. This will be incredibly rewarding when you go to landscape, as it will help you make the most out of your space, and start to differentiate a practical space from an aesthetic one. This is also when you can start looking for builder supplies, including fencing, paving, decking, walling, and more. The garden is starting to come alive in your plans, so now the next step is getting started!

Clear The Site

When you actually have the tools in your hands, you can start clearing the site – including the trees, bushes, and plants discussed earlier – and making way for the new landscape. Make sure you don’t go too crazy and destroy any of your privacy, but also don’t be afraid to uproot the things you are tempted to keep. 

With a garden, it’s always helpful to start from a blank canvas, rather than work around what is already there. Once this is done, you can then level the ground to make way for any patio or decking, as well as for water drainage. This can usually be done yourself, especially if your backyard is on the smaller side. 

Can You Landscape Your Own Garden?
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Dress It Up!

When the site is cleared and levelled, you can start installing the borders and building it into the garden you want it to be. When it comes to the dressing, it’s best to get the best hard landscaping materials. This garden isn’t like your lounge, where you can get away with a few cheap items that simply look good. 

This garden has to withstand the weather and the test of time, so go for solid paving, decking, gravel, flooring, and furniture materials. Similarly, when you are planting, remember to take into account the climate and the feel you want to radiate with your outdoor space. What will work well year-round, while also being ideal for wildlife? After you’ve done that, it’s about just having fun and putting your all into it!

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