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May 24, 2012
Mr Boo loves a good cup of coffee, however can be very picky over drinking only the ‘best’. So when I was asked if I would like to try out the coffee experience from Kopi I jumped at the chance.
What is Kopi?

Kopi love coffee. Our premium bean habit warms us up, wakes us up and inspires us to shake things up. Too long we’ve put up with one-size-fits-all coffee from supermarkets and only danced around posher brews. Until now.

Kopi are dedicated to bringing you outstanding single-estate coffees from around the world. Beautiful, freshly-roasted brews you won’t find in the usual places – delivered straight to your doorstep, once a month.

We also share our insider knowledge on how to get the best out of your coffee – how to make it, how to enjoy its perkily unique characteristics – and reveal some of the remarkable stories behind each one. All for the price of two grande lattes and a banana muffin.

What you get in the box
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Subscription packages
There are two available packages:
Weekender 100g/month – £4.50 per month (45p per cup)
Just enough – 8-10 mugs – for light coffee drinkers or to supplement your regular brand
  • 100g Bag of coffee each month
  • Beans or ground
  • New coffee each month
  • Swap to a 250g plan at any time
  • Cancel at any time



Classic 250g/month – £9.00 per month/£48 6 month subscription/£84 12 month subscription
Enough for 20-25 mugs – perfect to replace your existing brand

  • 250g Bag of coffee each month
  • Beans or ground
  • New coffee each month
  • Transfer delivery address
Coffee of the month
Each month a new coffee is selected and further information regarding their origins, growers, unique characteristics, tasting notes and why they were chosen is available on the website.

The tasting experience
Mr Boo found the blend that we were sent to a strong full flavour although sweet at the same time. Luckily he tasted the coffee before adding his usual 1-2 sugars otherwise it may have been too sweet.

I really liked the idea of the subscription packages, with gift packages available which would make the ideal gift/treat. It is very easy to find one coffee that you enjoy and stick with it, I think it is great that you are sent a different blend each month to try and experience.

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