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3 quick techniques to relieve your little one’s pain with Matchstick Monkey

May 19, 2017

Teething is a long and painful process for little ones and their parents. Although babies can get their first tooth at around six months, the teething process can start a lot earlier. It’s important to remember that it’s most painful when the tooth is pushing through the gums and breaking the skin, not when the
tooth is actually visible.

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The award-winning Matchstick Monkey teether was born when mumpreneur, Katie felt like she couldn’t help her daughter enough when she was teething:

“It’s hard seeing your little one in pain, crying and frustrated. My finger just didn’t cut it when applying teething products to her gums – the products slipped, my fingers got bitten and, at the end of the day, I didn’t know exactly which area was painful.

Matchstick Monkey was developed so my daughter could put pain relief into her own hands. Most teething products on the market cater to babies’ front teeth, so they’re unable to get to the really painful side and back gums. Matchstick Monkey is able to get right to those hard to reach areas – the bumps on the back of his head holding teething products in place. Chewing the toy directly targets the source of the pain – I knew it was working when the crying stopped and I could see a smile again!”

3 quick techniques to relieve your little one’s pain with Matchstick Monkey

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Use Matchstick Monkey to massage your baby’s swollen gums and directly relieve their pain.

Using medication

Teething gels usually contain a local anaesthetic and an antiseptic, which work together to ease pain and prevent infection. As the gels are often washed away by your baby’s saliva, a more effective method of getting the medicine to the source is to add gel to the bumps on the back of the Matchstick Monkey’s head. Let your baby chew the gels into their pain. Other medication can be added using the same method, including oils and granules.


Putting something cold on babies’ sore gums when teething is another very effective method. Luckily, Matchstick Monkey can be kept in the fridge or freezer for that extra pain relief, it’s also dishwasher safe which is great news for parents!

Price and Availability

Matchstick Monkeys are available in eight different colours, priced at £9.99 and available directly from Matchstick Monkey or Amazon.

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