Simple Organisation Tips For The Home

February 16, 2021

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Spring is the perfect time to take a look at the home and improve it. Sprucing up the home after winter has been is a way to welcome the new year and cleanse the home ready for the warmer months. 

Organisation and cleaning is an important thing to do during the spring, and today we want to guide you through some steps to take. Bring some fresh air back into your family home this spring and create space with these simple organisation ideas. 

Get a disc folder 

If you still have a huge collection of DVDs in your house that never get used, you’d be like a lot of us. DVDs are chunky and take up a lot of space, and it is so important that we take the time to clear out the collection to bring some space back to the house. Get rid of ones you don’t want, and with the ones you want to keep you can store them smarter. Do you really need a fancy DVD cover for your discs? No. Grab yourself a disc storage box online and use this to store up to 200 discs while taking up the space of 5. 

Halve your ornaments 

Take a look around your house right now. What’s on the shelves? Over the years we accumulate a lot of different ornaments and Knick knacks and most of these end up on our shelves. But now is the time to make the most of free space and get rid of some of the clutter. Go through your home and for every 2 items you have on the shelf; get rid of 1. This is something that will make a huge difference to your home and will make it look and feel more organised in minutes. You can sell or donate these old ornaments and enjoy the free space you have created. 

Simple Organisation Tips For The Home

Allow air in the wardrobe 

A wardrobe is an easy place to stuff full of items; because a lot of the time, we can’t see what’s in the wardrobe unless we open the doors. It is all too easy to overstuff our fitted wardrobes and this can lead to less airflow, causing damp and mould to spread. Take the time this weekend to clear some clutter from your wardrobe and allow airflow through the space. It will make all the difference to you and will make your life so much easier. 

Get rid of old medicine 

The medicine cupboard is seldom checked and organised, but did you know that most medicine has an expiry date? Now is the perfect time to take stock of your medicine cupboard and consider clearing it out for good. Get rid of anything that is out of date and start to consider clearing out half-full boxes and tubs. Store things smarter and it will clear up some much-needed cupboard space. 

Clear out your candles 

If you use candles during the winter months to make your home smell great, now is the time to go through your candles and clear out the ones that are almost empty. There is no need to waste any wax – simply pour boiling water into your candles all the way to the top and allow the wax to melt and float to the top. Pull this out once cooled and you can break it up and use it in your wax melt burner! 

Simple Organisation Tips For The Home

Don’t keep miscellaneous items 

Now is the time to go around the house and really consider… Why is that there? A random glass bottle, a box with nothing inside, an ornament that serves no purpose… now is the time to get rid. Miscellaneous items somehow find their way into our homes, and over the years we become blind to them to a point where it gets too much. Take some time today to clear away these random items and allow your home to stay clean and clear. 

Use vertical space 

Vertical space can be your best friend if you want to organise your home. When you have limited space or want to clear things from your floor; using shelves and shelving units is a great idea. This is particularly helpful in the kitchen for your pantry ingredients and in the living room for items such as books. 

Take on these tips today and start to organise and clean your home for good. There are so many ways to improve your home, and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you this spring. 

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