A close up of a man driving a car

A Family’s Guide to Buying the Right Car

June 6, 2018

Certain kinds of cars can compliment families best. After all, it’s important that parents don’t lose their independence, and that they also can undertake family trips too. To be stuck at home is no kind of life to live, for parent or child, so it’s important to buy the best vehicle possible for those family outings.

Of course, there are a few qualities that make a car a family car. For example, companies such as Imperial Cars have a broad selection of quality vehicles, and fully understand what’s required for a domestic motor. Consequently, here’s a quick list of a few things to look out for.

A close up of a man driving a car


Cramped cars can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous too. They can obscure a driver’s view at the rear if heads are in the way, and if younger children are being particularly rowdy, can feel like a small metal box of torment. Additionally, smaller cars can be more vulnerable by their sheer size should an accident occur, and if you have a family to protect, this is obviously not suitable.

Bigger cars not only provide lots of room, but they are also generally built sturdier and stronger. They can fit more in while boosting safety, giving more storage space for a family holiday and some extra comfort while on the road. They can also make it more likely to fit in child seats. A bigger, family sized car can also indicate to other drivers that there are children inside, which may incite other drivers to drive more carefully around the vehicle.

DVD Screens

Children can be an enormous inconvenience on the road, even if they’re being taken to their own birthday party. Put simply, they can be childish, screaming and cheering and causing a large number of distractions while the parent is trying to drive. While some might see this as typical or adorable, it can actually be dangerous, as the driver must give the road their full attention.

It may not be entirely obvious, but DVD screens fitted into the back of the front seats can inspire a more sedate trip. With their favourite film playing away in front of them, children will be less inclined to, frankly, be a bit of a nuisance. This kind of entertainment feature will inspire a safer travel, and keep the children satisfied until they no doubt start causing trouble again once reaching their destination.

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Front and Back Air Conditioning

One thing is for certain; if a child is uncomfortable or unhappy, they have no qualms about letting their parents know about it. If they’re unsatisfied with their answer, they’ll remind them of their displeasure even louder. Mums and dads are either forced to help them out or shout them down, the latter of which no parent enjoys doing. Of course, they can’t really help them out while driving either, and a family row can cause a crash.

Quality air conditioning can sooth the journey for the whole family and help everyone cool off under both hot weathers and tempers. Children are needy, and good air conditioning can smooth things over instantly if the heat packs a punch on a summer trip. The feeling of the cool breeze may even help the kids fall asleep for the trip, once again providing a safer journey from their rowdy nature.

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