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Frumpy to Fabulous: How To Shine For Your Big Event

May 25, 2017

You opened the mail today and there it was. The invitation to your baby sister’s wedding. You knew it was coming, and you are happy for her. But how can you explain to a starry-eyed bride the frustration of preparing for a wedding that is 5-hours away by car, when you are the mom of two healthy and active children?


The last time you saw her was her graduation when one baby was a newborn and the other a toddler. You still remember her asking, “Couldn’t you find time to get your hair done before you came?”  And this while you were trying to figure out how to go the bathroom alone again. Only a mommy understands that frustration.

You take a quick look in the mirror and you see the roots of your hair are so long that for a moment you wondered if you could just tell everyone it was an ambre. No, that will not work. Your nails are permanently stained from mashing carrots, and you are not sure what that is on your tee shirt. Relax. It may take a little planning and a little effort. But there are ways to free yourself at least long enough to prepare for a weekend wedding. Below you will find some of our favorite tips to help you.

Start early

There is no such thing as too early. Begin today. Make a list of the things you (and the family) will need to purchase before the trip. Make a list of any repairs or appointments that could get in the way. Take the car in for the oil change, go ahead and schedule the vet visit. If you have a tooth that is bothering you, call the dentist. This is security. In your mind, the car will stop running the morning of the trip because somehow it ran out of oil. You will wake up the day before the big event with a cheek the size of a grapefruit and a toothache that can’t be stopped. The dog only needs his nails trimmed, but if you put it off, he will get his nails tangled in the carpet, turning over the coffee table and destroying the wedding gift you forgot you left there. So to keep your stress level down, make the calls.

Order Nootropics

You have needed these all natural supplements for a long time. They help you focus, remember, and elevate your mood. They help relieve anxiety and stress and help you sleep. These all natural wonders actually improve your brain health, protecting it from toxins and reducing inflammation. They improve circulation giving you energy, stamina, and improve performance. Plus, they make you feel good. So make the call and begin taking these now. Watch your diet and drink plenty of water and you will look as stunning as you feel when you arrive for the big event.

A woman lying on a bed

Make a list of other mothers who can help you.

Invite them for tea and work out a trade off in mother’s day out days. Take yours near the trip so you can get your hair and nails done just before you go.

Order online

Order your dress, shoes, handbag, and the wedding gift online to save time. Azazie is a quality bridal shop that understands your time issue. Find a dress you like online and they will send it to you as a sample dress to try on. You pay a very low fee for shipping and agree to return it in the enclosed return package within a week. This is a bargain you cannot beat. The dress you want to try on comes to you!

So relax and use our tips to get you to the land of fabulous. You will look and do great!

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