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How mums can keep their style even when looking after the kids

June 8, 2016

It is a given that mums could not and would not want to imagine life without their kids, and there is no denying that children can take their toll. But this does not need to be the case. It is possible for mums to keep their style, even when looking after the kids.

Look after yourself

The key to looking good easily is to work on your fundamentals, and this means your skin. As a busy mum, you probably find it difficult to find the time to apply flawless makeup, so you need to rely on your natural beauty to see you through the day. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type, and always moisturise to keep your skin hydrated. Never, ever go to bed with your makeup on as this will clog the pores of your skin and encourage blemishes, as well as stain your pillowcase with foundation, eyeshadow and powder! If you do have the time to apply a little makeup, just use a little natural colour eye shadow, a hint of blusher and a tinted lip balm. You could even get your kids to help, and turn it into a game.

A person looking towards the camera

The next key element is your hair. Again, time will be precious so you want a style that is easy to maintain yet still looks fabulous. Any hair length is fashionable for women, so if you want a short style, you could opt for a classic bob that can be worn smooth, or mussed-up on those days when hair styling is simply out of the question. If you yearn for a long-haired look but are in between hairstyles, do not feel you have to put up with the growing-out phase. Instead, you can create the hairstyle you want with some clever techniques and accessories. These include HairPlanet hair extensions that can be clipped or more permanently fixed into your own hair to give you the volume and length you want. The advantage of a long-haired style is that it can quickly be transformed into something more elegant yet natural, by being pulled back into a loose ponytail or held back with a hairband.

Moving onto clothing – you need to be comfortable when looking after the kids, especially if yours are very young and need picking up all the time. But forget those unattractive jogging pants and baggy tops. You can find comfort and elegance in a maxi dress, perfect for the summer months. With a maxi dress, you do not have to worry about pasty, unshaven legs, nor concern yourself about whether you are revealing too much skin. They are also easy to accessorise – simply throw on a couple of bangles, a long necklace, a pair of sandals and even a big-brimmed floppy hat if the sun is really hot. Also, your large kiddie-friendly bag with all its supplies will be a natural fit for this look.

Do not let the kids dictate your look this summer. Instead, embrace the opportunity to dress comfortably but stylishly with some clever clothing and hair choices.

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