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How to Redecorate Your Home for Less

April 19, 2016

The thought of redecorating your home can often see you feeling really excited… followed by a heart-sinking feeling of pound signs flying around your mind. You may then appease yourself by asking “Do we really need to? It’s only been 6 years”, but the good news is that redecorating your home doesn’t have to come at great expense.

Whether you’re moving into a new home and desperate to put your stamp on things, or your current home just needs a little bit of TLC and modernisation, there are endless possibilities to redecorate for less – here are just a few!

Give Your Room a Lick of Paint

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It’s often said, it’s nothing a lick of paint won’t sort – and it’s true! Giving a worn room a fresh paint of coat in a brighter colour, or adding in an interesting coloured feature wall will make a huge difference without a huge price tag.

They say it’s all in the art of the tools you use – and this couldn’t be truer than with painting. Be sure to apply your paint with good quality rollers and paint brushes; otherwise, the paint may look of lower quality and you will only end up wishing you’d spent more. Obviously, another way to save money is to paint your home yourself instead of getting a professional in. Why not watch some YouTube videos to “brush up” on your painting techniques before you get started?!

Reuse and Recycle

There are often things you use on a daily basis that you can upcycle and use in some other way – providing you with the ultimate and trendy accessories! For example, why not collect your jam jars and make them into candle holders or vases? Adding some ribbon or material can often give a vintage feel too – check out this Pinterest board for a variety of ideas.

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There are little bits and bobs around the home you can reuse or recycle, but if you’re looking to make a real difference to your home – think bigger! Rooms often have a central feature that captures everyone’s attention when they walk in, whether it’s your dining table or sofas, so why not be creative and upcycle these?

If you have high-quality furniture which is just a little dated and tatty, consider reupholstery to get it back in shape. You could also try adding some loose covers to your trusty dining chairs to transform them completely. Reupholstery and loose covers are both quick ways of redecorating without shelling out on new furniture – obviously saving you a fortune in the process!

Add Some Art

You can’t go wrong with some new art to change the look and feel of a room. Hunting down cheap prints, or buying multiple photo frames for your walls, can transform a room entirely. Head over to IKEA or even a local charity shop where you can find some steals that will change the ambience of your home.

Alternatively, why not create some art yourself? If you have kids, get a little creative and let them go to town! Their random scribbles or beautiful handprints can often look great as a central piece of art once it’s in a fancy frame – use what you have or make something amazing!

Focus on One Room at a Time

Naturally, homeowners will be eager to get the whole house in tip-top condition. However, putting all your attention into one room at a time can mean you can afford to do more! Think about which room your family spends the most time in, so you can get the most joy out of your new redecorating project.

Remember, redecorating doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Making small changes little and often will help to keep your house up-to-date. Enjoy it – challenge yourself, and whoever finds the best bargains wins!

Got an idea for a low budget redecorating project? I’d love to hear it – leave a comment!

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