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How to Kid-Proof Your Smartphone

February 19, 2020

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Follow these simple steps and you can relax when your child has your phone. Ensuring that you kid-proof your smartphone helps make sure that it’s protected from damage and that your child is protected from accidentally accessing something not intended for them.

Most of us cannot imagine life without a smartphone. Whether you are using it for communicating with your loved ones, getting directions to your local pizza joint, checking deals, using social media, or entertaining your kids, your smartphone is an important part of modern life.

Because your smartphone is so important (and expensive), you should know how to protect it around your children. To avoid shelling out money for repairs or getting calls from accidental emergency calls, here are a few ways to kid-proof your smartphone.

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Protecting Your Phone From Damage

The very first thing we have to consider is the physical condition of your smartphone. Anyone with a toddler knows how quickly they can go from a happy child to an MLB-worthy pitcher that can cause significant damage to your phone. Hence, add a new case from iKase and ensure minimal damage when thrown with more external protection. 


Sometimes your child will pick up your phone and move it somewhere else. Mostly, it’ll only travel short distances but, in some cases, it will go further.

When this happens, your network comes into play. Systems like Tile (which are like little tags that connect to your devices that tell you where they are at all times) rely on good coverage. If your network doesn’t offer good coverage, as indicated by sites like https://compare5g.com/, you could be in trouble. Always check the coverage for your network in your area so that your phone doesn’t just disappear one day.

Screen Protector

The least expensive item to protect is the phone’s screen. There are a variety of screen protectors available, from simple films that protect from scratches to the more substantial tempered glass options.

I personally prefer tempered glass for my screen protector. When the phone falls, the tempered glass will take the impact of the drop and shatter, reducing the number of phone screen cracks or chips.

Keep in mind that not all tempered glass screen protectors are created equal. You want one specifically designed for your phone that it does not interfere with the touch screen function and will provide the protection you need.


The next most important thing to check when looking to kid-proof your smartphone is the quality of your phone case. This can be challenging because cases not only protect your phone but also reflect your personality.

When you are shopping for a case, be sure to consider your specific needs and how your child tends to behave when playing with your phone. Do you just need drop protection, or do you need water protection as well?

Some cases come with a built-in screen protector which can be another layer of protection for your phone. Keep in mind, though, that these may not offer the same protection for your screen as a tempered glass screen protector that is adhered to your phone screen.

If you want to know what kind of force a case can sustain or understand the quality of the case, be sure to check third-party reviews to know what to expect.

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Bluetooth Headphones

What most people don’t think about is the damage caused to their phone when a child rips the headset plug out of the phone. Fortunately, setting up a Bluetooth headset or earphones can help you avoid any headphone jack accidents that may happen when passing your phone off to your child.

You should also consider what style of Bluetooth headset to get. Kids love to grab anything within their reach so it’s important to pick durable, wireless headphones to avoid replacing them sooner rather than later.

Consider their durability if your child tosses your headset as well. Just like your phone, kids can throw your headset unexpectedly, so you want to be sure it has some durability.

Protecting Access

Whenever your child has your phone, whether intentionally or not, there are two primary concerns you have immediately. 

First, are they going to accidentally call someone or somewhere that they’re not supposed to? These accidental grabs can be easily fixed by locking your phone.

You also may be worried that your kids could get access to apps that they are not allowed on, like Amazon where purchases can be made. Both Apple and Android phones have a feature to lock certain apps to keep your phone child-proof whenever your kids need entertainment.

Apple’s iOS calls this feature “guided access” while Android’s feature is known as “pinning” an app. Both features deactivate access to other apps or the home screen, but in iOS, you can deactivate part of the screen if you so choose.

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