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How to Get the Most out of Your First Visit to India

September 13, 2019

When travelling to India there are a few tips that I have to share. I’ll dig into tips on how to get the most out of your first visit to India as well as share some other pertinent details so that you can have a fabulous time during your next visit to India. Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, it’s always good to book cheap flights from Chennai to Kolkata, India. This helps cut down travel expenses while allowing you to experience more of this country during your trip.

Don’t Drive Yourself

The streets of India can be very confusing for a non-native to India. You should book yourself a driver to pick you up at the airport upon your arrival and to bring your hotel. If you are looking to get out and about around the area you are visiting, walking is obviously a wonderful way to explore the area. However, why not hop on to one of the famous Tuk-Tuk‘s located all around. These drivers know exactly how to get you from place to place.

Try The Food

While you’ll want to steer clear of food that you think will get you sick, there are some amazing Indian foods to try while you’re in India. Do your best to try some of the food so that you can experience some of this country’s food options.

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Go With a Friend

While you can travel solo, it’s much more fun to experience India with a friend. Make plans to travel to with a friend to a few different destinations. Booking cheap internal flights will allow you to get between towns and cities easily. You’ll have the opportunity to see much more of India than staying in one place. Plus you’ll have a buddy to tag along with while you experience a new area in India.

Plan Ahead

Since the traffic is crazy and the streets are often crowded, be sure to plan ahead for any destinations or attractions you have in mind to visit. Some who’ve travelled to India say that it can take an extra hour beyond what Google Maps tells you for arrival time while travelling to different destinations in India.

Consider Accommodations

While you could book a hostel, be sure your hotel of choice is something that you know you’ll feel comfortable in. Being in India for the first time means that you’ll be experiencing new things, people and a whole different culture. It’s best to consider all accommodations and select a good fit.

Overall, travelling to India can be a fun experience. There is so much culture from the food to the people and the stores to check out. Be certain you know to book cheap flights between destinations before you start to plan your India vacation.

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