5 Ways to Help your Kid Overcome Failure

September 17, 2020

The path to success isn’t easy, and we all know that. Failure is inevitable, and while it does get most of us down for a while, we bounce back up and keep going. Growing kids, however, may find the concept of failure daunting and overwhelming, so much so that it might also affect their self-esteem and work performance.

If you suspect your little one is going through something similar, here’s a bit of help your way. Read on to discover 5 super effective ways you can help your kid overcome failure and keep going, no matter what.

Overcoming the fear of failure

effective ways you can help your kid overcome failure

Praise Efforts, Not Achievements

Parental support and praise play a huge role in determining a kid’s success rate, and that’s exactly why you should praise, and praise right. Make sure you’re clapping for your kid not just when they win, but also when they work super hard – even if they lose. Emphasise your kid’s efforts, not their abilities – be proud of everything that they put into it to make it work, even if it didn’t.

Push & Encourage

One of the best ways to help your kid learn how not to take failures to heart is to have them explore and try a number of different things. This will not just help them be braver and get them to step out of their comfort zone, but will also get them to experience and learn how to face challenges head-on and re-frame the failures as normal and a necessary part of success.

Find the Hidden Gift

As you’ve been through the journey of life, you’ve understood that no one’s perfect, and no one excels at everything. Your kid may not succeed at something, but that does mean they may have a hidden gift and may succeed at something else. The next time you find them disheartened, help them understand that it is okay to not excel at that particular thing – they can still discover their hidden gift and find success in something that they are great at.

Define Success

This one’s super important, and has the power to change the way your kid thinks about success, hard work and so much more. Discuss with your kid what success means to them – is it scoring full marks on a test? Or beating the score of someone in the class who always seems to be the favourite of teachers? Or is it beating their own records when it comes to schoolwork or extracurricular activities? Have such conversations with them often – this will help them understand themselves and their ideas and thoughts better, and get a fresh perspective on success!

Be There

Sometimes, as a parent, the best thing you can do for your kid is actually just be there for them – to provide unconditional love and support when nothing else seems to work. Your kid may be anxious, confused and even angry at a failure or a setback, and you might be tempted to set things right for them in your own way – but don’t. Let them experience failure, find their strength and get back up again, stronger this time, with you by their side.

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