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10 Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filter System

June 12, 2023


You may have heard of the impurities and illnesses tap waters bring to our bodies. How can you ensure the water you get from your home faucets is clean and safe? This article will explain why you should consider installing a good water filter system at home. 

A water filter system is a mechanism that uses a filter medium to restrict solid particles and only allows liquid to flow through. It is designed to remove impurities using a fine physical barrier to lower water contamination levels. 

Why Do You Need Clean and Safe Water?

Transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, hepatitis A, polio, dysentery, and typhoid are linked to contaminated water and poor sanitation, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Households with poor water sanitation are prone to waterborne diseases. That is why having proper water filtration at home is a good choice.

We can prevent our homes from acquiring the diseases mentioned above by installing a home water filter system. Doing such may also allow us to get the following benefits:

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1. Improved Water Quality

Water quality improves as water is filtered. Due to the filtration, solid particles containing toxins and impurities are filtered, leaving you with better-tasting and cleaner water. 

2. Healthier Drinking Water

If you are a household with children or elderly vulnerable to illnesses, installing a home water filter system may be a good choice. Filtered water promotes the prevention of waterborne diseases and illnesses. Bacteria, contaminants, viruses, and parasites may likely not pass through the filter medium as it is designed for such a purpose. 

3. Clean Water throughout Your Household

Household water necessities need to be provided daily. Filtered water is better for personal and household purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. It allows you to supply clean and safe water within your household. 

4. Better Health for Your Family

You will not have to worry about whether your family is safe from water contamination. Your household is better and safer with a reliable water filter system. 

5. Cost-Saving

If you are not trusting tap water at home, you will most likely buy bottled water, which significantly costs a lot. With a water filter system, you can save your wallet from spending much on bottled water. Filtered water could also mean reduced healthcare expenses due to fewer water-related illnesses. 

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6. Longer Water Pipes Life

Minerals like chlorine and fluoride can build up in your pipes over time. These build-ups can cause harm to your appliances. It can start as premature failure of your home appliances like washing machines, faucets, dishwashers, toilets, and showers. Then it may result in total damage if ignored.

7. Reduced Environmental Impact

When you always have to buy bottled water, you also consume plenty of plastic bottles from the market. This action leads to more production of plastic bottles. Your household can contribute to protecting the environment by reducing water bottle waste. Less bottled water consumption means less plastic bottle waste. 

8. Household Convenience

Once the water filter system is installed, it may take a long time to be replaced. In short, it is a one-time installation for a long-time function. A home water filter system requires less maintenance but may provide more convenience to your household. You just have to open your faucets whenever you need clean and safe water, and it’s good to go. 

9. Prepares You for Disasters

We do not wish for this, but in case disasters and calamities strike, you can still drink clean water from a polluted source through your home water filter system. Aside from electricity, the water problem is also one of the major effects calamities like typhoons bring. You may save yourself from worrying about it in such a situation by having a good home water filtration system.

10. Customizable 

The good thing about water filters is that they are customizable and can be adjusted according to your household needs. The market has different types of water filters: sizes, fittings, functions, and purposes. 

person holding drinking glass - 10 Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filter System

Should You Invest in a Home Water Filter System?

The answer to this depends on your financial capability. Home water filter systems are a good investment health-wise and cost-wise in the long run. But as beneficial as a water filter system to your home, it can also be pricey for some. The benefits listed above may help you decide whether to install a home water filter system.

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