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Holsters Beauty Pack

February 1, 2017

I can honestly tell you had on heart that my life changed for the better when I discovered GHD’s. Now you might think that this is an exaggeration but if you had seen my old school photos then you’d completely understand. I’m one of those people whose hair resembles Monica’s from Friends when they went to Bermuda. That cross between frizzy and wavy – honestly it’s just not a good combination.

Since purchasing my faithful GHD straighteners six years ago, I tend to guard them with my life. They come everywhere with me, whether I’m going on a week’s holiday or just an overnight stay (Mandi from Hexmum Plus One has stopped asking if I have packed my straighteners because of course, I have packed them).

Storing them whilst I’m home can be a pain. My vanity mirror unit is also my bedside table. The top lifts up to reveal the vanity mirror. So whilst I can store my hair brush etc in there I can’t leave my straighteners there when the lid is closed. This is where the Holsters beauty pack comes into its own with three different size pouches ready to hold straighteners, make-up brushes, and everyday beauty essentials.

A close up of a sink

Holsters Beauty Pack Contains

  • Hot Iron Holster Deluxe
  • Lil’ Holster Skinny
  • 1 Lil’ Holster Mini

Care Instructions

  • Clean product with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol or rinse with water. 
  • Let product dry completely and place on clean, dry surface. Once in position, it’s okay to get the product wet.
  • Some household cleaning solutions may affect the performance of the product. It is recommended to periodically remove your product and clean it.
  • Test surface for adhesion before placing objects in the pocket.
  • Sharp objects may cause damage.
  • Do not place photographs on the product. Properties of photo paper may cause it to bond with silicone.
  • If product gets stuck to any surface, use a hair dryer to heat the surface and remove.

I’ve been using the Holster Beauty Pack for a little while now and I really do love that it stays securely on the edge of my stand. I’ve hi-jacked the Lil’ Holster Skinny to keep my pens together on the edge of my desk. 

Where to buy the Holster Beauty Pack

The Holster Beauty Pack is available to buy from Packing Sorted, available in a choice of four colours.

Disclosure: We received a Holster Beauty Pack FOC for the purpose of review.

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