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Communication and Adventure – Friendships & Relationships Whilst Abroad

February 2, 2017

Travelling is one of the best ways to meet new and like-minded people. The social aspect of exploring brings people together in a unique way; there’s nothing like the connections that you build while finding out about the world. In this article, we’ll be looking at what technology can do in order to grease the wheels of your social encounters and make things a little bit easier for everyone. Whether it’s translation you need help with or meeting a travelling companion, there is always, always, an app for that. Through the wonders of a mobile phone, we can cross-linguistic or cultural bridges with ease.


Communication is the key

You’ll be meeting people from all over the world and there are many apps that work to ensure fluid communication. Some of these, like WayGo, allow you to directly translate signs and other writing using your mobile phone camera. Check out this selection of apps collated by Morningside Translations to help with any language issues you may have abroad;

Way Go

WayGo focuses on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese but apps like Google Translate can now incorporate this technology too. You’ll never need to worry about finding your way around again as road signs become a breeze and polite notices in shops or venues don’t go unheeded.

The ili

There is a new product called the ili which is a small device that hangs around your neck and directly translates speech into a language of your choice. While this seems like the stuff of science-fiction, it’s not.

iTranslate iMessage

Once you’ve made some local friends, downloading the iTranslate iMessage app will allow for instant communication with messages translated into the recipient’s language. This gets rid of all the copy and pasting and makes planning stuff to do a lot easier. Before you know it you’ll be dancing the night away or eating the best local food.


Beyond these translation apps, it’s worth also having TripLingo downloaded as it holds a wealth of information about the country you’re in. From currency information to emergency numbers, TripLingo should be the bedrock of your travelling apps.

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Searching for romance and adventure

If it’s romance you’re looking for then there are more than enough apps for you. Often people continue to use Tinder while they are travelling but if you want to broaden your horizons a little there are a pile of apps just for you.


Ventoura is an app designed to link up both solo travellers and locals. You can connect and chat before potentially meeting up, allowing users to get some real information from the locals. Needless to say, they can tell you a lot more than your dog-eared copy of Lonely Planet.

Miss Travel

Miss Travel is an app that allows people to link up before the trip. Businessmen sometimes use it in order to find travelling companions and your profile will have options regarding how much you’re willing to pay. Useful for travelling on a budget but beware that some call it a Sugar Daddy site with a travelling twist.

MileHi Messenger

MileHi Messenger allows users to connect with other people on the same flight as them, you can browse their profile before chatting away across the aisles. Who knows what plans you can make!

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