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Kids Tech | Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

September 1, 2018

Although it’s likely that us parents are the world’s biggest set of hypocrites, we often do try to tear our children away from screens.

We reminisce over the good old days when you’d play out until your elbows and knees were dusty with dirt, whether you preferred football, role play, or good old-fashioned yard games. Even talking about it feel archaic, like a flashback to the mid-20th century in a film, despite it being merely 20-30 years ago. If that. Yikes.

The truth is, times have changed, and although we may not have grown up with so much technology, the modern world demands that our children know how to use and utilise these gadgets. If they’re not tech literate, they’re going to get left behind. And seeing as we’re also so in love with our laptops, tablets, and mobiles, it’s really what kids have grown to know.

Let’s face it, kids want a real tablet too and not a toy – this is where the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet comes in.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

A child looking at the camera

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet meets children and adults in the middle, providing a durable, affordable solution that your kids will love. If you’re considering gifting your kids a tablet their birthday or Christmas, there’s really nothing better than the reputable Amazon Fire for Kids range.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet // Parental Controls

Warding away all of the worrying aspects that comes with allowing your child access to technology, Amazon has preempted this stuff and built-in the perfect parental controls. In allowing grown-ups full control, across time limits on each activity, educational goals, and adjustable age filters, there’s no tablet that can be personalised to each individual child as this one can.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet //Age Appropriate Content

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition comes inclusive of a free year of Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited, featuring over 5000 age-appropriate books, videos, educational apps, and games. The company have also carefully selected tens of thousands of child-friendly web pages, meaning you don’t have to worry about them falling upon something unsuitable.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet // Kid-proof Case

Of course, kids break things. Can your little one be trusted with 1080p Full HD screen all of their own? The answer is, yes, they can with an Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet. This model comes with a kid-proof case – available in pink or blue – as well as a two-year worry-free guarantee. If your little one breaks it, they replace it. Phew.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet // Where Can I Buy?

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet comes with a choice of either Pink or Blue cases – available to buy from Amazon.

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