Changing Faces Week Nine {2015}

It’s been a funny week, with us all trying to adjust back into the work/school routine.  The weather seems to be so changeable at the moment, going from sunny but cold to raining cats and dogs.  I don’t mind the cold but wish it would stop raining.

Tigger has been a little grizzly this week, getting upset at the littlest things so I wonder whether he is coming down with something.  Luckily he has had chicken pox so I know he hasn’t caught that from pre-school (its doing it’s rounds again).


An audience with Jacqueline Wilson - Roo signed edition

  • Really enjoyed her special treat of an audience with Jacqueline Wilson and meeting up with my best friend and her daughter
  • Has thrown herself back into hockey and football at school despite the terrible weather
  • Looking forward to having a friend over for a sleepover tonight


Changing Faces Week Nine {2015} - Tigger

  • Having a ‘I’m not eating anything but crisps and cookies’ week, much to my displeasure
  • Enjoying the new story at pre-school, Aliens love underpants
  • Has been a grumpy, grizzly bear

How have your children adjusted to being back at school?


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  1. March 1, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Aliens love Underpants ROCKS!! We love that here too. I do know how you feel when Tigger is playing up with his food, you can guarantee I will be having a similar battle to you, you’re not alone xx

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