Great Gift Ideas For Lifelong Learners

Great Gift Ideas For Lifelong Learners

August 23, 2022


We all have that friend or family member who always has their head in a book, or is listening to a podcast on a truly bizarre topic. These are lifelong learners and individuals who will always ask “why” and “how” on an almost continuous loop. If you are looking for great gift ideas for these lifelong learners, here are some ideas to get you started!

What to buy a lifelong learner

Great Gift Ideas For Lifelong Learners
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There are so many incredible STEM toys for kids these days, with some of them even appealing to those out-of-the-box adult thinkers. STEM toys will have those bright little ones in your life entertained for hours, and these toys are often using both sides of the brain and supercharging development. Just as every lifelong learner is different, so is the collection of toys. Choose from hands-on toys or find something a little more introspective.

E-book Reader

Books, and lots of them, are the required fuel for lifelong readers. By gifting an e-book reader, they can easily access books from the library, from online book stores and can even tap into memberships that offer free books to read. The Kindle is one of the more popular e-book readers, but there are new varieties so just be sure that the one you choose is compatible with all e-books. You might even like to throw in a few bought e-books too so that they can hit the ground running with their great new gift!


There is a huge advantage to journalising every day, with mental health professionals claiming this can be an effective way to empty the mind as you pour ideas and feelings onto the page. Chances are your lifelong learner friend has lots of ideas and concepts that they want to jot down before forgetting, so a beautiful journal might be the best gift. You don’t want to get any old lined book, but instead, find a leather-skin book or something that looks smart so they will be more likely to use it.

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Magazine Subscription

Magazines like National Geographic and other prestigious titles have gone a long way in shaping great minds. Gifting a magazine subscription is a great gift idea, as many of us will never think to buy a magazine on our own. Choose a magazine that is within their niche and interest and look to book them in for a six or 12-month subscription. You might find some of the business titles to offer the most to your gift recipient, or you might prefer the magazines that centre on crafts, sports or other hobby topics.

Online Education Gift Voucher

There are a lot of online education providers out there who offer short courses and workshops on several different topics. If your friend or a family member has expressed an interest in learning something new or sharpening an existing skill, then this is a great gift idea. If you are looking for the best gift for 9 year old, Codemonkey is certainly something you should consider. A leading online educator that has a fantastic resource library for both the child and their parents too. Enabling them to receive online support as well as automatically generated hints and tips along the way. 

You might find they are attracted to learning how to code, or they may want to get a better understanding of social media algorithms. You might also find that there is a university of TAFE courses in your area that do free short courses during off-peak times that might interest your loved one.


Lifelong learners are not people you meet every day, and so they might not have found a community of people who are like them and ready to connect. Gifting a great autobiography might be the perfect blueprint for your lifelong learner’s loved one, providing insight into how these exceptional people have carved a place for themselves in the world and the many struggles and successes they faced. Do your best to find the autobiography of someone who best aligns with your gift recipient, although know that they will find wisdom from any book and any life path.

Great Gift Ideas For Lifelong Learners

Tickets To An Event Or Festival

Does your loved one love to surround themselves with academics, professionals and like-minded people? Tickets to a writing festival or a conference might be a great way for them to immerse themselves in an industry and get a sense of what kinds of roles might be possible in their areas of interest. They might also be just as happy to attend something a little less business, like a comic book convention or something in that remit. This is also an opportunity for you to attend with them and spend some quality time getting to know their interests on a new level.

A lifelong learner is always going to turn any gift into an opportunity to learn, so find a great gift that you think will best have the best value. Remember, you can always give some of these gifts for birthdays and holidays over the next couple of years!

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