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A Gift Guide That Works For Everyone

December 15, 2020

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Gifts can be especially hard to buy. Especially if it is someone who seemingly has everything or has very obscure hobbies and tastes. However, some gifts will suit everyone this Christmas depending on their likes! Take a little look at this little gift guide! 

A Fitbit watch!

Watches that control your heart rate are excellent gifts for those just starting to exercise now, or for those who have never had the patience or money to invest in it. The first option is simpler and the second is more complete, but both will make the joy of those who want a good training partner.

For the handyman (or woman!)

Everyone who lives alone needs a toolkit. It is serious: if you are going to give a gift to someone who already pays their bills outside their parents’ home, you can bet on a toolkit because, no matter how much in the beginning people don’t believe it, it will be indispensable at some point in the routine.

A title?

Try something a little different this year and look at a new title for your loved one. Celtic Titles offer plenty that will make someone feel very special this year! 

A Gift Guide That Works For Everyone

For the kitchen lover

Still, in the wave of household utensils, an electric pressure cooker can change a person’s life. Practical, she cooks just about everything: beans, meat, vegetables, in short, everything under pressure practically and cleanly. In addition to it, another interesting alternative for those who want practicality in the kitchen is a “handyman” with mixer, blender, grinder, juicer, etc., you can be sure that anyone who is presented with one of these two items will thank you forever.

For the trend-setter

Men, women, parents, children, girlfriends, and boyfriends always like to get good sunglasses, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the person you love happy! Of course, a Ray-Ban is always welcome, but you can buy quality glasses at a much more affordable price, such as, for example, the two models we have selected.

For the glamazon

If the person you want to give a gift to likes makeup, they will enjoy a makeup kit or eyeshadow palette from one of the hottest brands of the year. Take a look at Urban Decay for more inspiration. 

A Gift Guide That Works For Everyone

Gifts from the Amazon (literally)

Designer Flávia Amadeu creates jewellery in partnership with producer communities and artisans from the Amazon rainforest. She taught them to dye and produce the rubber that is used to make the accessories and comes from the natural latex of native rubber trees. In this way, it helps them to market a product with added value and allows them to opt for sustainable work, which preserves the forest, instead of submitting to activities that generate a negative socio-environmental impact, such as timber.

Organic coffee sets!

We love good coffee! And even more so when it is 100% free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, poisons, and hormones. This is the case of Cia Orgânica de Café, which produces beans in Brazil. The cafes are clean, guaranteeing decent working conditions in the countryside and health care. And they are also sold in recyclable packaging!

For the one who takes care of their skin

Organic cosmetics promise to feed the skin and take care of health, without aggression in the name of beauty. The brand has just launched its first line, the pregnant woman, which despite its name, can be used by anyone. Products include body vegetable oil, moisturizers for the body, legs, and feet, shampoo and conditioner, among others.

A Gift Guide That Works For Everyone

For the digital lover!

How about the gift of a new skill? You could look at paying for an online course that reveals their skills and shapes their future. Perhaps you could look into a business course, something that can help aspiring business people to transform society and their business into something impactful. Perhaps it is a course for a new language. 

Healthy baskets for January

A selection of fresh, handcrafted products without additives, which respect seasonality and are stored in returnable packaging. With flower arrangement, artisan bread, salty granola, spices, special salts, and a t-shirt. Several combinations and many brands are doing this. Look at matcha tea, healthy supplements, and more that will be beneficial to some of your close friends and family this Christmas. 

We all know this Christmas will be different but it doesn’t mean that the fun in buying and receiving presents has to change. Now more than ever will we appreciate the gifts we are given! 

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