4 Tips for Making Your Dining Room Kid Friendly

4 Tips for Making Your Dining Room Kid Friendly

March 16, 2023


Children can be the bane of the proud homeowner. They have a tendency to cause a mess, as neat and tidy aren’t usually words in their vocabulary. It can be easy to give up in the face of your children’s relentless desire to cause chaos and to allow your entire home to become their play area.

However, just because you have young children doesn’t mean you can’t still take pride in your home. In fact, there are a number of ways to keep your home attractive, stylish, and child friendly. We’ve put together four tips for designing a kid-friendly dining room. Check them out below.

tips for designing a kid-friendly dining room

4 Tips for Making Your Dining Room Kid Friendly

Choose the Right Materials

Children are clumsy. Whether they’re knocking over glasses of milk or dropping entire trays of food, their coordination and balance often leave much to be desired. As a result, spills and stains are pretty much unavoidable in a home with young children, which is why you need to carefully consider the materials of your furniture and soft furnishings.

When choosing dining room sets, opt for tough, durable materials like wood. Not only will these be able to better withstand the damage children can cause, but they will also be far easier to clean when the inevitable spills and stains occur.

Put Away that Fine China

This follows on from the previous point, clumsy children and fine china are a disastrous pairing. Unless you’re hosting a fancy dinner party without your children present, it’s vital that you store your best plates away and replace them with something cheaper and more durable.

Plastic tableware is perfect. Use this and avoid any smashed plates or bowls, which can present a cutting hazard as well as a tidying headache.

white round dining table with chairs decorated with vase in cozy room - 4 Tips for Making Your Dining Room Kid Friendly

Watch out for Sharp Corners

Kids love to run and play. It can often seem like they have an unlimited source of energy that can make just watching them feel exhausting.

However, this energy can be to their detriment. Kids can often get over-excited and put themselves at risk, running about with no thought to where they’re going or what they might be running into. Sharp corners on tables and other furniture can pose a real hazard, particularly as these are often at head or eye height for small children. To prevent any accidents from occurring, choose rounded furniture without sharp corners, or use protectors to negate the risks.

 Think About Setting Up a Kids Table

While an elegant dinner party with your friends might sound like your idea of heaven, young kids can find them incredibly boring. This can result in them feeling frustrated, which can often lead to bad behaviour.

To prevent your bored children from acting out and spoiling your dinner party, consider setting up a small kids’ table in the corner of the room. This can give them their own space where they’re free to chat and eat without disturbing the adults.

family having dinner together - 4 Tips for Making Your Dining Room Kid Friendly


Just because you have young children doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dinner parties with families and friends. However, it’s important to ensure your dining room is kid-friendly to prevent any accidents or disruption. Use the tips in the above guide to design the perfect kid-friendly dining room. 

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