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Friends are the family that we choose ourselves

May 29, 2014

Have you ever thought back to a time before you had children, to the friends that you once had. Those friends that fr what ever reason haven’t followed you down the motherhood path and the ones who didn’t wish to accompany you on your own motherhood journey. The friends I had from school, those whom I grew up with are now more acquaintances on Facebook than people I would turn to in time of happiness, sadness or emergency.

Am I however very fortunate to have one particular friend by my side, my best friend Lou. We met when we both worked in the same hospital, however by the time I transferred to her department she was on maternity leave with her daughter. It was on work nights out and he popping into the office when we really started to click, however upon her return and us acknowledging our love for Big Brother that we became firm friends.

She has seen me through my 21st, my hen do (less said about that the better), my wedding, leaving the office to work for another NHS Trust and much more besides. It was when I fell pregnant and subsequently had Roo that she became a source of knowledge for me. It makes me laugh that you have study for so many things in life but they let you take a baby home from hospital with next to no information. This is were Lou really helped, she guided me through my early days of motherhood, the highs and lows. Even now we make a point of getting together so we can swap stories of what our darling children have been up to and offer any advice we can.

Friends are the family that we choose ourselves

Friends can be the next best thing to family, especially as many families no longer live within the same towns as each other any more so we become reliant on friends to offer support.

The C&G Baby Club’s Friend Finder – a service where mums and mums to-be can meet other mums in their local area that are at the same stage of pregnancy or parenthood. You have the choice to meet in person or simply chat via email on the site; it’s entirely up to you!

Disclosure: I was able to send my best friend a some token of my appreciation courtesy of C&G Baby Club’s Friend Finder.

  • emmasfabulous May 29, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    I had a little look but my kids are too old now for me to qualify. It can sometimes be tough to keep old friends when your life changes & you move. Old friends live far away and sometimes I find just as you trust new friends they turn out to be not quite as trustworthy as you hoped they would be. The answer is to keep trying and be yourself 🙂

  • Samantha R June 3, 2014 at 10:09 am

    I was quite young when I had my first child, I drifted apart from most of my friends due to the very different lives we lived

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