An Autumn Family Mini Photo Shoot with Beth Moseley Photography

November 18, 2018

When Roo was around 18 months old we decided to have a family photoshoot. An opportunity to get some photos of the three of us and to celebrate our little family. Whilst we did get a couple of OK ish photographs the experience was awkward and uncomfortable. Set in a studio with a white backdrop and the photographer asking us to pose in ways which felt unnatural to both myself and Mr Boo.

Needless to say, we have been reluctant to book another family photo shoot since then. And whilst technology has moved on in the last decade and grabbing photos whilst you’re out and about is much easier. There does always tend to be someone behind the camera. Which is usually me. So sadly we have very few photos of us as a family.

When Beth Moseley Photography contacted us about doing a family mini photoshoot I’ll be honest I was a little hesitant to say yes. However, after looking at her website to see examples of her previous work I was impressed with the images. And loved the idea of the photos taken on location rather than in a studio setting.

Family Mini Photoshoot with Beth Moseley Photography

What is a mini photoshoot?

A mini photo shoot gives couples and families the opportunity to gain a range of photographs within a natural setting. Beth currently offers her mini photo shoots at the Wheatfen Nature Reserve which offers an ever-changing backdrop depending on the time of year you visit.

The 30 minute time slot allocated gives just enough time to capture those precious family snapshots whilst the children are still engaged in the experience. Hopefully allowing Beth to capture their excitement of discovering a new area and exploring the trails around the nature reserve.

Our experience of a family mini photo shoot

The rain had been falling first thing so I was pleased to see that it had cleared up in time for us to arrive. Although I had packed us some wellies and warm coats to guard against the cold and any muddy puddles.

The Wheatfen Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Norwich was a location I was unfamiliar with. However, as soon as we started to walk along with Beth she had all the perfect photo locations marked out.

Strolling along through the nature reserve with the children whilst Beth captured snapshots of us interacting with each other. The children photo shoot searching for acorns and exploring the area around them.

Initially Piglet was ‘resistant’ to standing for some group photos. She is a toddler who knows her own mind and will not be swayed against it. Instead of this ruining the experience, Beth let her lead the way and she was soon happy to look towards the camera show off her cheeky nature.

On the way back to the car we allowed Piglet to jump in the muddy puddles along the pathway. This gave her such delight, we should have just done this to start with. There is nothing more fun to a two-year-old that free rein to jump and splash in muddy puddles. I think Beth needs to set up some mini photo shoots just for puddle jumping. Piglet would be her first client!

Before the photo shoot I was nervous as to how well it would go. We’re not the type of family that likes to pose photos together so wondered whether it would be uncomfortable and awkward. Beth, however, put us at ease straightaway and the majority of our photographs are snapshots of us around the nature reserve rather than posing.

We’d certainly look into doing another mini photo shoot, possibly in the summer at the beach. With family photos of us exploring the sand dunes and dipping our toes into the water.

What’s included in a Mini Photo Shoot

The mini photo shoot costs £100 which includes a 30 minute photo shoot on location at Wheatfen Nature Reserve. As well as five high res digital files of your choice. These are available to select from the online gallery where Beth will showcase the photos she captured during your mini photo shoot. Extra digital files, framed products and prints can be bought from the online gallery at an additional cost.

We received an online gallery of 80 photos which almost all of them we loved, so it would be difficult to narrow this down to just five images included within the package. Prints do make fantastic gift ideas for family and friends so purchasing additional ones could be used for birthdays, Christmas or just because you want to show off your family.

Beth Moseley Photography // More Information

For more information about the photoshoots available from Beth Moseley Photography, check out her website

Review Feature

  • Sandra Fortune January 25, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Love your photos so nice and the navy blue outfits look lovely against the Autumn Background

  • Fiona jk42 January 26, 2019 at 10:20 pm

    These photos have come out really nicely.

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