Secondary and Double Glazing Grants

Secondary and Double Glazing Grants

November 16, 2022


Are you wondering how you can save on costs this winter? One of your first ports of call may be to look at your energy bills, especially if you don’t have double glazing installed. How much does it cost and can you get government grants?

You can get premium double-glazed windows for as little as £300, double-glazing generally costs about £640 per window. Installation costs, which might total an additional £250, are still beneficial because of the polished finish. Remember that your installer will have to build scaffolding to reach your window, which will increase the cost. The cost will increase as the window rises. Scheme for Energy Company Obligations (ECO). Companies in the UK are required by law to provide heat-saving technologies to low-income dwellings since ECO began in 2013.

Due to a few considerations, secondary and double glazing have different prices. Because secondary glazing may be swiftly installed, the installation cost is lower. You may either install it yourself or get a professional to do it for you in under an hour. In actuality, secondary glazing is more affordable and easier to install than double glazing. Depending on your house size, secondary glazing could be installed in a single day.

Solar heat gain and heat loss

This relates to both the possibility of losing heat through the window in cold weather and the possibility of gaining heat via the window in hot weather. The U-value is used to calculate it. More efficient, and with less heat loss (and gain) through the window, the lower the number. An effective barrier that prevents heat loss and, to some extent, solar heat gain is created by secondary and double glazing. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing double glazing instead of single glazing will result in annual bill savings of £145 or if the windows are certified A++, £175. However, secondary glazing will only reduce your heating costs by 10%.

Secondary and Double Glazing Grants

Noise pollution

Secondary glazing can reduce noise pollution by up to 80% compared to double glazing. The noise reduction increases with the size of the space between the panes. Because secondary glazing panes are not as close together, it offers a marginally greater level of noise suppression.

Energy efficiency

Both are compatible with Low-E glass, which allows light and heat in while limiting the amount that is let out, but double glazing is more effective by a factor of two. A recent study found that 44% of respondents purchased double glazing to lower energy costs, while 51% claimed they did so to make their homes warmer. So, it is clear that many people are already aware of the advantages of having energy-efficient windows.

Environment payback

Utilizing the product results in savings that exceed the initial expense. There is no denying the superiority of double glazing over secondary glazing. The payback for secondary glazing is approximately 5–10 years and even less if you install it yourself using inexpensive methods. On the other hand, double glazing, due to the higher cost, can be between 20 and 30 years.

Security Benefits

Double glazing is more difficult for attackers to force open thanks to the second pane, which acts as an additional barrier. Secured by Design certification is a feature offered by manufacturers who have received police approval. It reduces the likelihood of crime by making it harder for anybody to enter using new and improved technologies.

Secondary and Double Glazing Grants


Both secondary and double glazing have their pros and cons. Secondary glazing needs a lower cost to purchase and install while double glazing is pricier to purchase and install. Double-glazing windows must have an airtight seal and be filled with an inert gas for them to function as efficient thermal barriers. Secondary glazing is far less expensive; you can purchase DIY kits or hire installers to attach the supplemental glazing to an existing window frame.

If you have a typical three-bed home, replacing all of the single-glazed windows might result in heating cost savings of around £150 per year. You could save roughly £75 a year if secondary glazing was added to the single pane that is already there. If you reside in a listed building, you might be required to install secondary glazing, but both glazing options perform superbly, therefore I strongly suggest both of them!

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