5 Places You Might Find Antique Jewellery From The 15th Century To The 1920s

5 Places You Might Find Antique Jewellery From The 15th Century To The 1920s

November 10, 2021

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While there are quite a few known antique dealers, a large percentage of genuine antiques have yet to be discovered and there are quite a few places where you might encounter a piece of undiscovered antique jewellery.

Here are a few examples:

Flea Markets

These are usually held on a Sunday and are frequented by many people who are browsing for items that might be suitable for their home or garden. Jewellery from grandparents’ old properties often finds its way to these markets and the seller may have no idea of the value of such a piece and would sell it for a few dollars. Many of these have moved online since the start of the pandemic and it is a lot easier to see what’s available with online selling platforms.

Property Inheritance (Auctions)

It is often the case where a deceased person bequeaths their home and its contents to a family member and ask a local auctioneer to arrange for the property contents to be auctioned off. You can see antique dealers at these auctions, where they can view specific lots and always have the catalogue in their hand, hoping to spot antiques that are going for a song.

The Attic

Many homeowners have found antique items in their attic, which might be their own, or left by the previous owner. If you have yet to fully explore your loft, take a flashlight and check out the contents. Who knows, you might strike it lucky!

5 Places You Might Find Antique Jewellery From The 15th Century To The 1920s

The Online Antique Dealer

Hardly unexpected to find an antique dealer selling antique jewellery, yet many people are not aware that they have a website where you can order online. When looking to buy antique jewellery online, Google is your best friend and can help you locate a leading antique dealer in your area that specialises in antique and vintage jewellery. In the event you would like an item appraised, this can be done in a virtual environment, where an antique dealer would share a video call with you, which is often all it takes to identify the maker and period.

Metal Detecting

People have taken to walking around wooded areas with a metal detector; you never know what you might find and there has been the odd occasion when antique jewellery has been discovered, buried with artefacts. Even though western settlement in your area might have only occurred a couple of centuries ago, there are still valuable finds waiting to be discovered. People lose gold jewellery on the beach; you have likely seen a few people scanning the sand and while they might not find antique jewellery, gold is often discovered.

If you have a love of fine antique jewellery, it is a good idea to forge an alliance with a leading antique dealer, who can assist you in sourcing specific pieces that you have in your sights. If you have the time and the inclination, attend local auctions and keep an eye on online second-hand selling platforms, as you can come across valuable antiques at give-away prices.

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