Finally out of quarantine

January 13, 2014

January has arrived and I’m hoping that I can finally wave goodbye to all the bugs and infections that seemed to plague the Boo Roo and Tigger Too household during December.

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It all started with Tigger developing a chest and throat infection at the beginning of the month which meant us missing out on our trip to the HP Bloggers event at Westfield White City. Bless the poor little thing, he is one of these children that when they get ill they don’t do things by halves and ended up with bowel problems too. Thankfully after a bout of antibiotics he was on the mend, although having stayed up with to silly o’clock all weekend I was not looking forward to going to work on the Monday.
Mr Boo was next to be taken ill with a nasty bout of the noro-virus, unfortunately I am not the best person when it comes to vomit so he had to kind of fend for himself (sorry honey). I soon followed with a temperature and feeling pretty lousy fortunately it didn’t seem to materialise into anything too bad.
With a few migraines for Mr Boo and temperatures for Tigger I thought that we were surely over our bad luck of illness when Roo was struck down the last week of term with a headache and feeling sick. I had a call from the school on the Wednesday to say she wasn’t feeling great but as it was 2.40pm they would hold on to her until the end of the day. Only to get another call 10 minutes later to say that she was fast asleep on the secretaries floor! Sadly it did mean missing her Christmas party at school on the Thursday but was well enough to go bad in to for the last day of term and hand out her Christmas gifts.
With Christmas but days away I then found myself feeling a little under weather again. After attempting to get some rest and dosing myself up on paracetamol I managed to feel better in time for the big day. Then on my birthday I had both sinus and earache, thankfully a dose of antibiotics sorted me out but I can honestly say that I am pleased to see the back of December.
With so much illness in the house I have stocked the medicine cabinet with paracetamol tablets for myself and Mr Boo and Calpol for the kids, alongside with Neurofen, cold remedies and re-hydration remedies.
One thing that I couldn’t live without in my medicine cabinet is our Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer. Suitable for the whole family including newborns, the thermometer measures and displays a temperature reading in just one second providing reliable, accurate results, while minimising discomfort for little ones. Soft and gentle in the ear, the thermometer sounds a beep to signal the end of the reading and includes a memory function that recalls the last temperature. An LCD display shows readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit with disposable lens filters required for each use to avoid cross contamination.
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We received a Braun Thermoscan IRT3020 ear thermometer FOC for the purpose of review. Although unfortunately we were all terribly ill during December.

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