Creating imaginative bedrooms for children

July 14, 2016

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who can remember their bedroom from their childhood. Being an 80’s child I have fond memories of snatch duvet covers, pretty pink ladies (who looked like Mary Poppins) dotted across white wallpaper and white melamine furniture. As I grew older my bedroom wasn’t redecorated it was simply covered in posters from my Smash Hits and Shout magazines.

Nowadays when it comes to creating a bedroom space for our own children we are much more creative. Their bedrooms are an extension of their personality and as parents, we should be making sure that they are imaginative spaces for them to have lots of fun in.

Creating imaginative bedrooms for children

Creating imaginative bedrooms for children

There is a growing trend for bedrooms to be painted white with the accessories bring the room to life. Whilst I don’t disagree with this I do feel that having a feature wall covered in an amazing Hibou Home wallpaper can really make a difference to how that space feels.


This has to be my favourite design. A wall of simple raindrops in whichever colour suits your child and the accessories you are looking to place within the room. You might automatically think that you’d need to dress the room with rainbows and clouds, which whilst would look fab are not necessary. Take a look at how they four different raindrop shades have been dressed below…

Hibou Home Raindrops Wallpaper {Grid}

Personally, I feel it is a design that will grow with your child and not one that will need to be changed as they go from preschooler to tween years.


There is something about the stories of Peter Pan and Treasure Island etc that capture the imagination of little ones. Whether they are the pirates looking for a new ship to capture and steal all the gold. Or are Peter Pan defending all your stuff toys from attack, pirate wallpaper with its maps and X marks the spot is sure to feed their imagination.

Cowboys and Indians

Whenever I think of Cowboys and Indians I always think of Toy Story, which is still as popular today with children as it was when it first came out. The prints on these two wallpapers are funky enough to be noticed yet are not too bold that they will date as your child grows older. The teepee design sure makes den making the order of the day.

How have you dressed your child’s bedroom?


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  • Sarah July 14, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    We are looking at decorating Each’s bedroom, I love a feature wall and I have been wondering about stars he’s 7 now and I would like something that can grow with him. We had pirates for when he was little but now something more grown up is needed. I love the rain drops for Peach they would fit with just about anything we wanted.

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