A close up of a stack of books

Encouraging their thirst for knowledge

May 23, 2016

Attending school is one of those things in life we have to do whether we enjoy it or not. I’m fortunate to have two children who enjoy going to school and I rarely have any moans and groans from them. They have a thirst for knowledge and as a parent, I am keen to encourage this in any way I can. 

A close up of a stack of books

With regular trips to local museums and events, they are always exposed to new experiences which they really enjoy. Roo especially has always loved hoping on to the laptop to take part in quizzes on a website that one of her old teachers created for his class to help them with additional learning options. Those quizzes whilst fun are no longer relevant to her learning path so we have been using Educational Quizzes to her challenge herself with an array of subjects to choose from rather than just English and Maths which other sites generally have.

Roo is currently following the KS2 curriculum and has been able to navigate around the site with ease. The quizzes are multiple choice and whilst I know that tests and exams aren’t meant to be colourful and exciting I would have liked to have seen them look more visually appealing to encourage children to complete more quizzes. 

Tigger is slightly too young to use Educational Quizzes as he is following the EYFS in Reception class but we have taken a peek at the KS1 section that he’ll be following next year and with some guidance he has been able to answer some of the quizzes correctly.

Monthly subscription to Educational Quizzes costs £7.50 which is the same as two children’s magazines so I think it is good value, especially if you have children who are inquisitive and like to complete quizzes. Schools are also able to subscribe their pupils for as little as £2.oo per pupil per year which is a minuscule proportion of the £4,500+ that each school is paid for each pupil each year and would hopefully lead to more engagement with the parents.

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